You Can Play Ms Pac-Man Right Now in Google Maps

Google has not disappointed this year with their April Fools prank. Ms Pac-Man has visited the Google Maps App, to find Ms Pac-Man open your google maps app and click the pink button on the right. Unlike Google’s previous Pac-Man from 2015’s prank, it doesn’t turn your current location into a game level. Instead, your taken to a random spot in the world and have five lives to outrun the ghosts.

Google Maps April Fools

Some users are reporting that the IOS version lets you pick the map while Android takes you to randomised spots. To play in the Web version click insert coins at the bottom of the map, the web version does appear to support pick-your-own levels. Google’s love of video games extends way beyond April Fools Day if your search “do a barrel roll ” the screen will do a 360-degree turn, in honour of the classic Nintendo series Star Fox. To get the best experience of Ms Pac-Man you need a map with a lot of streets. Happy April Fools Day!

Google April Fools

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