Yolo Rush: A Thrilling New Puzzle Game


Yolo Rush is an thrilling puzzle game that breathes new life into the match 3 genre by incorporating a 2D fighting game aesthetic to enhance the gaming experience and keep the gameplay fast and exciting. To this end, it doesn’t feel the like a typical fighting games the likes of Mortal Kombat (it’s certainly not as violent), instead it depends upon the player’s puzzle solving skills and reactions to progress through each battle. For each fight, you are required to choose a hero from a vast selection of animal characters that can be unlocked and upgraded throughout the game. Apart from simply playing through battles within the Egg World, you can also unlock in-app achievements and enter a shop where you can unlock abilities and other fun goodies with gems and airplane tickets, which can also be used to unlock further lands within the Egg World. A lot of exciting new content can be discovered in the world of Yolo Rush, but its main feature is clearly its authentic style of match 3 gaming.

The Egg World contains a series of over world stages where the player can enter each battle. The battles themselves consist of match 3 puzzle games, where the player is able to attack the CPU by completing rows of three colored shapes. The more colors that you match up, the more damage you are able to inflict on your opponent, however while you try and match up shapes, your opponent is already preparing to fight back—inflicting damage on your chosen animal hero with every passing second. This adds speed and precision to the formulaic match 3 gameplay and forces the player to double their efforts to increase their reaction time, making each battle a test of one’s skill. The more levels you traverse, the faster you’ll have to react and thus, the harder the battles become. So it’s important that you upgrade enough of your heroes in order to defeat each Egg Boss successfully.

After fighting through the first Egg World, you are informed to visit the store and unlock safes with gems. These safes hold more characters that you can use in each of your battles, all with their own rankings and abilities. You choose which animal hero you wish to fight as, prior to each battle—however the game offers a lot of characters to use, right off the bat, some of which are duplicate characters.

Being aware of this, Yolo Rush gives you an alternative option where you can feed your characters to others: By going into the store, you can take your giant collection of level 1 characters that you won’t use in any of your battles and feed them to your star players. The energy from the smaller animals are then sublimated into the larger characters; awarding them more experience points.

This allows for a great deal of consistency in the playing experience, because it allows the user the freedom to choose which character they would prefer to play as, while simultaneously eliminating any unnecessary filler characters that the user might not even require.

By reimagining the match 3 puzzle game as an exciting and colorful 2D fighter, Yolo Rush has discovered an exciting new market for the puzzle genre. With a carefully tiered character leveling system and a colorful new aesthetic, it delivers a fresh and electrifying new take at an already successful style of gaming.

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