WWE: Why Neville Should Win the Cruiserweight Title at the Royal Rumble

What’s up everyone, I’m Danny Finn of The PopCulturePipeBomb here with another edition of The Pro Wrestling Beat. Cause here, the Beat goes on and on…Dig It!

As we all know, The Royal Rumble is around the corner. Many people, including myself, have been asking, “Who’s going to win in the Rumble match?”

Kevin Owens defending his WWE Universal Title against Roman Reigns? Will Samoa Joe get called up? John Cena, trolling the arrival of Kenny Omega? 

Speaking of John Cena, can he make 17x title reign history as he challenges against AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. Oh yeah, Chris Jericho is in a shark tank!

One match that is being overlooked is the Cruiserweight Title Match between Rich Swann and Neville. The point of bringing Neville into the CW division (no not the network) is to bring it legitimacy. Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of talent. But, Neville gives them a face that people are familiar with.

With all that being said, my next point is that Neville should win the CW title. Here’s why: Neville, as stated before, is a former NXT Champion and would make a nice transition into the main roster (that’s what I meant by a familiar face).

Remember last year? Neville was on track to winning the IC Title at Wrestlemania 32. Unfortunately, he broke his ankle a few months prior. With Neville on the shelf, his push started to pass him by. Then there was the brand split. After the split and Neville being drafted to Raw (yay…), there wasn’t much for Neville at the moment.

Neville stayed the course, then an epiphany must have slapped someone on the creative team in the head to make Neville a heel and pit him in the CW division. Neville smashed it after his attack to current champion Rich Swann and declaring himself the King Of The Cruiserweights. Neville used something real to fuel his promo, stating he had respect in the company. Also using the WWE Universe as an example of them being “fickle.” That helped make Neville heel turn so believably and awesome.

This story line of Neville and Swann has spearheaded to a title match coming up in San Antonio, Texas on January, 29th. Now, the CW title has had some great wrestlers as its owner. TJP, The Brian Kendrick, and now Swann (who I like personally) but, it’s time to hand over the belt to someone who can truly carry it and give the 205’ers a purpose and not fill in matches on Raw.

This can open up new story lines for the division, especially when Austin Aries returns to the roster. Although it would be heel vs. hell, who cares it’s Neville vs. Aries.

In addition to a great title match, it’s the battle for the top heel in the division.

In time, I’m sure we will see some of the UK Tourney competitors make the transition into the Raw roster considering the fact the majority of them are cruiserweights. Neville vs. The bruiser weight Pete Dunne. Or, Champion vs. Champion in Tyler Bate.

I’ve digressed, or have I… all I’m saying having Neville as champion brings more variety and interesting matches to the CW division.

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