WWE NXT Results: The Deal Is Done! Nakamura Vs. Roode Set For TakeOver: San Antonio

WWE brings you from Full Sail Unverity in Winter Park, Florida another exciting episode of NXT. NXT sets the stage for tonights contract signing witn an awesome into vinyet of Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode as they will main event at NXT TakeOver: San Antonio for the NXT Championship.

Opening Match: Nikki Cross W/SAnitY Vs. Kennadi Lewis

For one let me say, l love Nikki Cross crazy a$$ character. SAnitY as a group from their theme music, the smoke and darkness that fills arena. It all fits so well, especially with my guy Eric Young at the helm. This was a pretty much a squash match. Poor Lewis she looked shook (that’s means scared) before the match even started. The only highlights for me were Cross’s Lou Thesz Press, and her Fisherman Swinging Kneckbreaker that got her the victory.

Winner by pinfall: Nikki Cross

Backstage W/ No Way Jose and Kona Reeve:

We go backstage for an interview with No Way Jose. Jose, to me is a star. He gets it be yourself just crank up to 11. His promos is fluid and it looks like he truly enjoy being a NXT superstar. No Way spoke on how he’s going to take the momentum of 2016 and roll it into 2017 by simply, fiesta. Jose promo is cut short by Kona Reeve. Reeve questions Jose loyalties as Jose saved Rich Swann instead of him from a beating by SAnitY. Jose retorts, we can fiesta, or we can fight your choice. (So Cool) 

Second backstage segment W/ The Revival and TM61:

Oh how I love The Revival. They are to me The Brainbusters and The  Freebirds rolled into one great tag team. Revival as well mentioned how 2016 was a great year for the “greatest tag team.” 2017 was going to be no different. Revival wants to make #DIY Vs. AOP (Authors Of Pain) for the NXT Tag Titles a triple threat in San Antonio. TM61 begged to differ feeling they had a strong 2016 as well, and title shots are givin by fighting not complaints.

Revival laughed off the advice being given by the “bottom” of the tag division, but if TM61 was looking for a fight they got one. Let’s just hope TM61 can survive one block of 40 miles of bad road. (LOVE THE REVIVAL!!! Sorry I’m suppose to be impartial.)

Roderick Strong Vs. Steve Cutler:

The ROH alumni enters first with a new theme song. (Crative working with Strong should be big time player soon.) Pretty standard match, Strong showing his technical skill. Cutler, displayed more a power and agrrssive attack feeling over looked due to newbies like Strong. Highlights were strong atomic facebuster and his finisher Sick Kick for the 1,2,3.

Winner by pinfall: Roderick Strong

After the Strong’a victory he’s interviewed outside the ring by Dasha Fuentes. Dasha wanted to know how Strong felt about comments made to him by Andrade “Cien” Almas stating he’s coming for him. Roderick, respectfully interrupts Fuentes saying he doesn’t care about Almas, he’s here for one reason the NXT Championship.

Backstage challenge:

Ember Moon believes politics is what left her out of the women’s title match at TakeOver. Liv Morgan walks in and agrees with Moon. Morgan’s idea is to have a match to show there plenty of competition in the women’s division.

Tye Dillinger In Ring Promo:

Tye Dillinger stood in the middle of the ring, asking himself and the NXT Universe if he still belonged. Frustrated by letting down the people who’s believed in him. Letting down William Regal for his close victory lost in the fatal four-way. Tye wanted to know, was he still a “Perfect 10?” Just as Tye was going to shed light on the question, out comes SAnitY. Eric Young let’s Tye know it doesn’t have to be this way. If Dillinger makes “the right choices, makes the right friends” he can have whatever he wants. Everything will be perfect, offering former member Sawyer Fulton jakcet. Tye declines at first, EY enters the ring to calmly convince Tye in making the “right decision.” As Dillinger holds the jacket, EY let’s Tye know that it wasn’t a request. Dillinger drops the jacket holding up his “perfect 10” hand gesture.

Dillinger opens up on EY with flurries. In comes Sanity to aide their leader. Tye fights the group off till Big Damo comes in from the crowd and takes out Dillinger. Young, then offers Damo the jacket and he accepts. The reformed SAnitY poses over the laid out Tye Dillinger.

Eric Young W/ SAnitY Vs. Tye Dillinger at TakeOver: San Antonio.

Tag Team Challenge The Revival Vs. TM61:

Both teams in truth are over in NXT. I like the the match begins, as it came off as street fight instead of a wrestling match. It appears to be a squash match as Dash chop blocks Thorne in the back of the knee to take control. There was no need for Dash to cut the ring off, as Miller was still laid out on the mat from the melee in the opening bell.

Revival, looked to end the match hitting Thorne with the Shatter Machine. Unbeknownst to Revival, Thorne made a blind tag to a fired Miller. Miller landing heavy shots to Dash and Wilder. Revival takes control of the match again. Wilder now in the ring with Miller, continuing to punish. Wilder lands a spine buster, now tagging in Dash to finish the job. Wilder goes to the top rope as Dash sets up Miller, Thorne appears out of nowhere grabbing the leg of Wilder. Miller reverses into a Small Package for the win.

Winner By Pinfall: TM61

Surprised and frustrated, Revival attacks TM61. Continuing to attack the knee of Thorne, after hitting another Shatter Machine. Officials and medical personnel come to attend to the knee of Thorne with Miller by his side.

Roderick Strong Vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas added to the TakeOver: San Antonio card.

Ember Moon chllenges Liv Morgan next week on NXT.

NXT Championship Contact Signing: C/Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode enters the ring gloriously. Shinsuke enters, over as usual with the crowd chanting along with his theme music. Regal begins, but is respectfully interrupted by Roode. Roode says he saw dollar signs in Regals eyes. The biggest money match in NXT history, for that there will be no fighting at the signing. Roode continued to tell Nakamura with all of his accolades l, he wasn’t worth Roode’a time.

Roode went on to make fun of Nakamura hair style to his clothing and dance into the ring referring  Strong Syle as a joke. Roode highlighted Shinsuke’s victories from TakeOver: Dallas to TakeOver: Toronto. Shinsuke simply smiled fixing his hair and calling Roode a dog. Roode was unamused, stated that change had come, from the boys in the back to the people in the stands he is the “it factor of sports entrainment” and will be the new NXT champ. (Roode signs his side of the contract.)

Roode ready to give his glorious catch phrase only to be cut off by Nakamura. (All I thought of was Asuka/Nia Jax telling her she talked too much. Ha Roode was right all Regals contract signings do end in fights.)

The King Of Strong Style simply complimented Roode on his suit but informed him he was going to kick Roode in the head.(Shinsuke signs his part of the contract, it’s official.) Nakamura told Roode he was going to be retain his title and it would be….wait for it…..GLORIOUS.


Hope you enjoy my NXT review and find it insightful. There will plenty more pro wrestling news to come. I’m Danny Finn of THE PopCulturePipeBomb, giving you the Pro Wrestling Beat. Cause the beat goes on and on…DIG IT!!!


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