WWE: 205 Live Review: Who Forfeit Tonight?

We begin 205 Live with a flashback of the brewing fued that ended tonight with Jack Gallagher and Ariya Daivari in the main event in a “I Forfeit Match.” 

Opening Match: Drew Gulak vs. Cedric Alexander W/ or W/O? Alicia Fox

On this episode of  Guiding Light… no serious, Drew Gulak enters the ring first. Out second is Cedric Alexander alone at first, the tailing behind was Alicia Fox. Alexander, unaware of Fox until he was towards the ring asked Fox to leave. As Cedric entered the ring continues to waive buh buy to Fox. Irate, Fox begins to have a screaming out Cedric’s over and over. Out comes Noam Dar to retrain his would be lady. As Alicia tells Alexander that hes  “a rookie in her book” and refering herself as “hot chocolate and fudge,” Dar requests to Fox aproval to attack Alexander.

Gulak joins the party, aiding in Dar’s beating of Alicia’s beloved. Cedric mounts a comeback with a series of elbows to both Gulak and Dar. Both men retreat to the outside. Cedric then goes to the air with a suicide dive to the outside. As Alexander is just about to turn up, Gulak sneaks with a chop block.

As the referee begins to waive off the match, Cedric convinces the refund that he can wrestle and to ring the bell. Knowing he’s wounded, Cedric goes on the offensive. Gulak quickly changes things, but Cedric fights it off and lands a dropkick. This is taking a toll on Cedric leg and Gulak takes advantage with a dragon screw legwhip on the apron. Gulak goes on the offensive with a vintage Arn and Ole Anderson style of wearing out Cedric weak leg.

Gulak is begins to build momentum, out of nowhere Cedric counters with a head scissors. Gulak frustrated rushes Alexander  only tone be flipped out of the ring. This gives Alexander some time to regroup. It didn’t do much good, due to the softened knee Cedric lands weak shots to the face of Gulak. This doesn’t stop Cedric from unloading all he had including a sweet split leg moonsault for a near three count. The knee was too much as Gulak landed another chopblock leading to a bridged Belly to Back Suplex for the 1,2,3.

Winner by pinfall: Drew Gulak

Backstage, we see a fuming Fox and a gloating Dar watching Alexander in pain on the monitor Telling Alicia “looks at what I’ve done for you” resulting in another slap. (Personally I think he’s wearing her down.)

After, we get an amazing clip of the champ Rich Swann and challenger Neville. Showing old pictures of the two Japan and both men’s journeys leading to the WWE. It all comes to a head at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Second Match: Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese

Ali enters the ring first, then we’re lead to the back were Nese is interviewed by Dasha. Nese begins by putting over Ali complimenting him for his speed and agility. Nese stating that an ordinary athlete would have to prepare for Ali. Nese believes he is no ordinary person unlike the WWE Universe and that he’s no ordinary athlete…he’s the pemire athlete. (I like Tony Nese I hope he continues to get a lot of heat.)

The match begins with the traditional handshake. Ali is first to extend his hand, Nese hesitant, Ali forces the shake and Nese gives his signature muscle flex. Ali opens up with exactly what Nese gave him credit for with a series of arm drags technical skill and near falls. Ali even showed some swagg mocking Nese with a muscle flex of his own followed by a Spinning Heel Kick for a near count.

Ali tried to go airieal but, Nese moved in tripping the leg. Ali lies on the his stomach on the top rope, Nese gives a Ali a knee sending him up to Nese shoulders for a Gut Buster. Nese takes control with Bidy Scissors squeezing at Ali ribs. Ali manages to break free only to be tripped up by Nese. Nese attempts a Springboard Moonsault hitting nothing but canvas.

Ali gets a second wind with a counter kick taken from the page of Cedric Alexander earlier in the first match. Ali follows up with a Rolling Neckbreaker. Ali just misses the three count, momentum high Mustafa then gives Nese a sweet Tornado DDT. Two count again, taking advantage of Ali injury, Nese pulls Ali into the corner following a German Suplex into the same corner. This sets Nese up perfectly for the Running Kneese for the victory.

Winner bt Pinfall: Tony Nese

Talking Smack after 205 Live with The Wyatt Family and Jerry The King Lawler (I want him back full time, still awesome.) Tajiri is out with a knee injury. (Didn’t Tajiri just return to the WWE  back…buuut a speedy recovery for Tajiri.)

Another CWC alumni makes his 205 live debut. Akira Tozawa, who was put over by Apollo Crews in a brief clip. If you seen Tozawa the CWC then you know what you have in store. If you haven’t already, get the WWE Network.

Main event time BAYBE!!!…

Main Event I Forfeit Match: Ariya Daivari vs. Jack Gallagher

Both competitors enter the ring prepared for battle. The build up for this match was strong with a Duel, to a Parlay, finishing with an I Forfeit Match. Both men refused to shake hands as expected.

As Daivari and the Gentleman circle the ring sizing each other up, they lockup. Gallagher unloads an European Uppercut. Both competitors trade holds and locks in a stalemate. Gallagher gets the upperhand with a single leg trip transitioning to a surfboard attempt. Daivari fights it off only to get his knees driven into the mat. The referee brings the mic to Daivari asking if he forfeits, Daivari replied with a strong no.


Gallagher continues his theatrical counters, leaving Daivari flustered. Jack takes his attention away to gran his trusty umbrella. Frustrated, Daivari takes the umbrella, breaking it in half tossing it into the entrance ramp. Daivari then begins to drop right hands to Gallagher. Gallagher bounces off the ropes with a cross body land a series of right hands I’d his own. Ariya goes to the apron to create space, Gallagher follows into a trap. Daivari gives Gallagher a sidewalk slam onto the apron.


Daivari demands the ref to ask Gallagher if he wanted to forfeit. Sofly Gallagher replyed, no. Ariya continues his onslaught with a modified Camel Clutch between the ropes. Daivari once again demands the ref to ask Gallagher for a forfeit. Gallagher refusing to forfeit  (say it…butterstuff, say it…butternut, if you never seen Half Baked shame on you. OK I’ve digressed.) Daivari takes the fight to the outside of the ring landing a Neckbreaker, driving Gallagher into the barricades Jack refused to forfeit.

Daivari angry let out all the stops. Abusing Gallaghers ribs againstthe ring lost, slamming Jacks head into the announce table, The Gentleman wouldn’t give Daivari the satisfaction of forfeiting.

In a sign of desperation or maybe a sociopathic rage, Daivari takes his head garb ties Gallagher arms around his back. Punch after punch Daivari is demanding Gallagher to forfeit. Gallagher replies with a roaring slur of calling Daivari a scoundrel. Gallagher turns the tide with a couple of headbutt to the stomach and head. Ariya falls on to the floor. Jack proceed to free himself finds another umbrella from under the ring and chases Daivari up the ramp. Daivari a step ahead knees Jack to the abdomen followed by driving Gallaghers head in to the entrance stage. Gallagher refusing to forfeit turns the tide around and slingshot Ariya into the entrance stage as well.

Jack gives Ariya a couple of shots with the umbrella. (OK I just found out the umbrella name is William, so we are on William #2.) Jack brings Ariya back into the ring. Daivari counters throwing Gallagher to the outside. Jack headbutts Ariya again, Jack goes to the announce table and  politely asks theme to move. Gallagher attempts to throw Daivari across being countered with a shot to the gut. Daivari throws Gallagher to the table to have it reversed being slammed onto the table.

The WWE Universe is chanting “we wnt tables,”  Gallagher is plotting on how to appease the crowd. Jack removes a couple monitors climbs atop to have his leg tripped crashing hard to the table. Daivari attempts a powerbomb, to have reversed to a back body drop. Ariya staggers to the other side of the barricades, Gallagher runs up following with a devastating dropkick.

Jack goes to the time keepers section and pulls out…you guessed it William #3. As Jack prepare to thrash Daivari with William #3 Daivari pleas with the microphone to Jack not to hit him. Gallagher drops his guard with the impression that Daivari was ready to forfeit only to get hit it the throat with the mic. Daivari locks on his modified Cobra Clutch, Jack reaches for William #3 and beats Davari off of him. Gallagher rises to his feet and puts Daivari in a Cross Face Chicken wing with the aide of William #3. Davari fights for a moment but the pains forces him to utter the words “I forfeit.

Winner by Forfeit: Jack Gallagher

All in all, I really enjoyed the show. I believe Nese is future star if the company let’s him grow. Personally I would love to see Gallagher as a Vaudevillan but that’s me. The Gentleman his promise because it was a really good match, I was inot it.

Let me know what you thin, until then thus is Danny Finn at The Pop Culture Pipe Bomb, giving you The Pro Wrestling Beat. Because the beat goes on and on…DIG IT!!!

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