WWE 205 Live Results (1/31): Tozawa Debuts

Why does Vince McMahon dislike the Cruiserweight Division? This is the most diverse and talented set of wrestlers that Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, and Dean Maklenko could be proud of. Maybe if they get more than 5 minutes to tell their story in the ring the WWE Universe could make a real connection.

Well that’s what 205 Live is for, to give the cruiserweights that exact chance to make a connection. This week they tell their story to the people of Corpus Christi, Texas.

The show opens with a flashback of this past Sunday’s Royal Rumble of Neville defeating Rich Swann to become the new Cruiserweight champion. ( I said Neville was going to win.)

Opening Match: Tony Nese Vs. Lince Dorado

This week Nese us looking to get back to his winning ways after last week’s loss to TJ Perkins. Lince sole purpose is to drop Nese lower in the rankings and propel himself closer to the Cruiserweight Title.

This was a seesaw match all the way to the end. Both competitors wanting the victory. Nese, relying on his power while Dorado relied on his speed and athleticism. A couple of high-spots was sprinkled I’m with Nese Fireman’s Gutbuster and Lince’s Handspring Stunner. Nese powers was too much for Dorado to handle getting the victory with the Running Nese.

Winner by pin fall: Tony Nese

After the match, The Premier Athlete wanted to send a message to Perkins for last week. While throwing Lince a proper beating, Nese looked to finish off his defeated opponent with another Running Nese. TJ comes storming to the ring looking for revenge on Nese. Perkins comes and saves Lince, taking out Nese with one of his signature kicks.

We continue to tell the tale of; Neville King Of The Cruiserweights with a recap of his royal coronation on Raw this past Monday. The ceremony was cut short by former champion Rich Swann. Swann blasting the champ with a Suicide Dive and injuring his ankle making him unable to compete on 205 Live tonight.

Swann was in the building, cameras caught up with the former champ and Todd Phillips. Phillips was curious on how Swann had injured the ankle. As Swann explains his actions for last Monday, Swann is interrupted by Neville. Although Swann is hurt he’s still able to stand, until the champ pushes him down to the floor.

Next week, the 205 Live debut of Gran Metalik.

Singles Match: Akira Tozawa Vs. Aaron Solow.

The Brian Kendrick comes to ring to sit with the announce team to get a front row look at the debuting Dragon Gate Promotion alumni Tozawa. Over all this was a squash match with Solow trying to make it competitive. Tozawa’s overall skill was too much for the jobber *OK I’ll be nice*, for Solow defeating him with his infamous Bridged German Suplex. Kendrick has a little worry in his eyes for the CWC alum, Tozawa better stay sharp around “The Man With Plan”.

Winner by pin fall: Akira Tozawa

In the locker room, we see Neville standing mentally preparing for his tag match tonight. Neville’s partner for the night Noam Dar comes in to let the champ know the he doesn’t have to worry about Gallagher and Alexander tonight, cause he and Alicia Foooox has got his back. According to The King , he doesn’t need help, that he’s the guarantee for victory. Noam should just know his place, and leave his love interest aka baggage at home.

Main Event Tag Match: Neville and Noam Dar Vs. Jack Gallagher and Cedric Alexander

The match begins with champ taking control over Gallagher. Dar takes the opportunity upon himself by making an unwanted tag into the match. The match changes pace as Gallagher and Alexander take control and work over Dar. Neville keeping true to his world of being the guarantee to victory rocks Gallagher in the back of the with a forearm.

Dar makes the smart tag, bringing in The King who gives Gallagher a mean drop kick to the back of Gallagher’s head. Neville stars to show the WWE Universe why it’s better to be a king than a gentleman, as he starts to really lay a beat down on Gallagher. Dar, again makes an unwanted tag. This time he picks up where Neville left of with an aggressive approach.

Gallagher on pure instinct lays a headbutt to the face of Dar. Groggy, Jack falls down over Dar for a pin. The champ takes it upon himself to save the match. Neville then lands a quick shot to Cedric to buy his partner more time to recover. Instead of making a tag, Dar tries to finish off Gallagher but to no avail. Neville has seen enough, as Noam finally goes for the tag the champ backs away.

As Dar pleads for forgiveness, the champ walks off giving feeling he gave Naom too many chances to prove himself worthy. Meanwhile Jack has made the tag to a fresh Cedric Alexander. Cedric comes in fired up leaping off the top rope with a clothesline followed by a Handspring Roundhouse. Dar tries to escape the Cedric’s onslaught but Gallagher cuts him off  and tosses Dar back into the ring. Cedric takes Dar and finishes him off with the Lumbar Check for the 1,2,3.

Winner by pin fall: Cedric Alexander and Jack Gallagher

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