WWE: 205 Live Results 1/24/17

What’s good, to all my pro wrestling fanatics? I’m the sawdust in your PopCultutrePipeBomb, here with another 205 Live review. Rich Swann takes his aggression to another level leading into the Royal Rumble. Will Neville be able to handle it? Find out here, at The Pro Wrestling Beat. Cause the beat goes on and on…DIG IT!!!

We begin this episode of 205 Live in Toledo, Ohio, with a flashback of Raw this Monday night. Rich Swann class out Neville for a fight. Swann gets the best of his foe, leading Neville to escape to fight another day.

Opening Segment W/ Neville:

Neville appears to give his thoughts on the attitude of Rich Swann. Neville simply made a mistake underestimating the champion. He looks not to make that mistake again and will show no mercy at the Rumble. The King Of The Cruiserweights looked to make an example out tonight’s opponent Cedric Alexander.

First Match: TJ Perkins Vs. Tony Nese

This match was the classic case of speed vs. strength. Nese beings with a couple of takedowns trying to keep Perkins grounded. TJ using his agility counters out and lands a Hurricaranna for a two count. Nese then attempts to muscle TJP out of the ring, Perkins Spider-Man’s himself in the ropes. Like a bull, Nese charges in taking the bait, TJ moves out the way to have Nese fall to the outside.

Nese runs back into the ring only get countered again by Perkins, as TJ attempts The Octopus submission. TJ then rolls it for a quick one count. Perkins attempts to pick up momentum but, it is Nese who uses his power to counter TJP Kneckbreaker. Nese begins to grind TJ into the corner, TJ lands a kick, off balance Nese walks into a Tornado DDT. Only to counter into a Suplex for two-count.

Tony lands two big leg drops to the former champ, then begins to wear TJ down with a Reverse Chin-lock. TJ doubles down with the support of the crowd and lands a Jaw-Breaker to release Nese’s hold. With a burst of energy, TJ goes to the ropes, only Nese is a step ahead. Trips TJ and lands a flawlesSpringboardrd Moonsault for the near fall.

Nese continues to wear out TJP, this time with a body lock. TJ gets up and a Spinning Back-Kick out of nowhere to the face of Nese. TJ begins to rally, exploding with a hurricaranna and some lethal combinations. Nese falls to the outside to breath, TJ wants to go to the air. Nese runs in and hits TJ with a clothesline that  reminded me of my recent car accident. Nese looking for the finish gets countered in a crucifix pin for the loss. Frustrated, Nese attacks TJP. Showing off the German Suplex into corner again and the Running Nese.

Winner by pinfall: TJ Perkins

Next week, the debut of Akira Tozawa. This week we have Sami Zayn puttin over the CWC alumni.

Second Match: Brain Kendrick Vs. Tripp Bradshaw:

I’ve never seen a cruiserweight squash match. Well there’s a first for everything. Kendrick comes to the ring telling the hometown rookie that world is cruel and harsh. Kendrick referring himself as the “dream snuffer”, planned to add Tripp to Kendrick’s list with Tajiri and Sean Maluta.

Kendrick began the match, schooling Tripp with some wrestling 101. Brian picked up the pace landing clubbing forearms to Bradshaw’s back and face. Cocky, Kendrick starts to slap around the Toledo native. This fires up Tripp land some hard shots. Kendrick puts a stop to all of it with a Leg Lariat. A man of his word, Kendrick begins to show the cruel and harsh side of wrestling, using the ropes to punish Tripp. Kendrick felt it was time to snuff out Tripp’s dream with the Captain’s Hook for the tap.

Winner by submission: Brian Kendrick

Locker room segment W/ Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann:

As Cedric Makes his final preparations for the his main event match against Neville, he’s visited by CW Champion Rich Swann. Cedric asks the champ for some advise on how to defeat Neville. Swann simply says don’t fall Neville mind games. Once Neville slips up the victory was his. (Easier said than done.)

NXT TakeOver: San Antonio, TX Live Saturday January, 28th. All three titles will be defended.

Main Event Neville Vs. Cedric Alexander:

Neville enters the ring to his new evil techo remix theme music. Once Cedric enters the ring the mind games begin by Neville by refusing to shake his hand. Instead Neville gives Cedric an intense stare down. The match begins with both men showing off the their technical skill. Counter after counter, Neville would come out on top of the exchanges. Swann was right, as Neville continuously tells Alexander that this was his ring and he didn’t belong.

Neville takes Alexander down with an arm lock. Cedric gets up counters, Neville attempts another hip toss, this time Cedric counters landing a Pelé Herricaranna. Neville leaves the ring for a breather as Alexander claims the ring belonged to him now. Neville walks around the outside, trying to slow down Cedric now momentum. As Neville tries to play mind games on the apron, Alexander lands a beautiful dropkick.

Neville falls to the mat. On his way up Cedric attempt an over the top splash, Neville moves. Thinking he’s a step ahead, Cedric then kicks Neville’s face off. Neville dazed takes his time to enter the ring. Impatient, Cedric chases after Neville only for Neville to turn the tide by throwing Cedric into the barricade. The King Of The Cruiserweights grabs Cedric and throws him to the other side of the barricade.

Neville takes Alexander into the ring. Neville goes to the top rope and drops Alexander with a Missile Dropkick for a near fall. Neville, keeping to his word by showing no mercy to Alexander. As Neville stomps, kicks, and chokes Cedric with his boot. Neville punishes Cedric with a Snap Suplex, followed by a stiff forearm in the corner.

Neville looked for the victory, but Cedric was still well in the match. Neville continued to send a message to Swann, with elbows to the crown of Cedric’s head. Neville followed with a sick to the spine looking again for the win. Cedric found himself being choked by Neville, as Neville added more pressure to the hold, leaping into the air to drive his body into ring.

Cedric feels the energy from 205 Live crowd and gives some defensive shots to Neville’s ribs finishing with a reverse elbow to the face. Cedric his the ropes with a Springboard Roundhouse. Neville attempts to take another breather on the outside. This time Alexander goes to the air and landed a Swanton over the top ropes. Cedric tasting victory, tosses his opponent into the ring, climbs to the apron and flies with a Springboard Clothesline. Cedric was a half second to stopping Neville’s momentum into the Royal Rumble. Neville gets up landing a couple of knees to the gut. Picking up speed, Neville goes to the ropes…boom, Cedric lands a backflip belly to belly called a Standing Spanish Fly. (I’m glad Mario explained what that move was cause I don’t know.)

This time Cedric was even closer to getting the win. Digging deep, Cedric throws some bows to the face of Neville. Neville reverses, landing spin kicks to the stomach. Neville goes to ropes to get caught with high knee. Cedric tries for the Lumbar Check, only for Neville to flip over and land a quick release German Suplex. Neville, deadlifts Cedric into this time a Bridge German Suplex for a two count.

Neville takes Cedric to the top rope to attempt a Superplex. Cedric fights it off, goes for a flip out Powerbomb, only for Neville to flip to his feet. Neville charges at Alexander only to get another Roundhouse to the head. Cedric goes up for another leaping clothesline, out comes Noam Dar to stop Cedric from obtaining victory. Cedric leaps on Dr with clothesline. Cedric goes for another Springboard Clothesline slips due to fatigue. Neville takes advantage, applying the Modified Rings Of Saturn for the victory.

Winner by submission: Neville

After the match, Dar enters the ring to taunt Cedric in his loss. Dar looking to team up with Neville gets tossed out of the ring. Neville begins to stomp on his defeated foe. Out comes the WWE Cruiserweight Champion get him some of Neville.


Dar gets back into the ring to tossed out again by Cedric this time. The two take their fight to the lockers as Swann and Neville battle it out in the ring. Swann gets the best of Neville again as the two build for their CW Title showdown this Sunday at the 30th annual Royal Rumble.


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