Wrestlemania 33 Prediction Contest!

Wrestling Fans! The wrestling team here at PCPB would like to get your input and predictions for Wrestlemania 33! It’s simple, we have a survey you can take below and voila you’re in the running for a free Wrestlemania 33 poster! Sweet huh? Maybe even TOO SWEET??? The survey will be closed when the Wrestlemania 33 pre-show begins on Sunday April 2, 2017, so get your answers in right away!

The poster will be printed on an 18″x 24″ semi-gloss paper stock and I will ship it to you free, worldwide, that’s right because I’m the Miz and I’m…. wait.. no, because we’re Pop Culture Pipe Bomb and we’re AAAAWWWWEEESOOOOME. 


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Wrestlemania 33

So what are you waiting for? Show us your wrestling knowledge, send us your predictions and enjoy Wrestlemania 33 with us! Have a good one guys! Don’t forget to share the article! Comment your thoughts, and if you haven’t yet, Subscribe for the latest news!

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  1. adecourv
    March 31, 20:25 adecourv

    1. Stroman winning Andre the Giant Battle Royale
    2. Aries wins CW Championship
    3. Orton wins WWE Championship – Harper interferes somehow
    4. Lesnar wins WWE Universal championship
    5. Taker beats Reigns
    6. Rollins beats HHH
    7. AJ beats Shane – Shane does some kind of stunt
    8. Bayley retains women’s title
    9. Owens wins US title
    10. Miz and Maryze beat Cena/Nikki
    11. Corbin wins IC title
    12. Enzo and Cass win tag title
    13. Naomi wins SD Women’s championship

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