Woody Harrelson Reveals his Character’s Name in Upcoming Han Solo Film

Woody Harrelson revealed in an interview with The Tonight Show‘s Jimmy Fallon the role he is playing and characters name in the upcoming Han Solo film.

Harrelson was sparse on details saying

“I play a guy named Beckett who’s kind of a criminal and mentor to Han,” Harrelson said. “That’s all I can say.”

The description does sound similar to Garris Shrike, a bounty hunter who first appeared in the Star Wars Expanded Universe novel The Paradise Snare. Even though Disney has said, it will be using very little from the Star WarsExpandedd Universe.

Directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord said the main reasons Harrelson was chosen for the role was due to his knack for executing comedy and drama well.

Harrelson also shared that he’ll be on set for the full shoot, suggesting that Beckett will more than likely play a big role in the film, which opens in theatres in May 2018 but may be pushed closer to the holiday season of 2018.

Still no official title for the Han solo movie.

(News Source: IGN)

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