Wonder Woman Villain Ares Will Be Played By David Thewlis, See What the Character Will Look Like

Wonder Woman is one of the films I am most anxious to see, her portrayal by actress Gail Gadot is absolutely astounding and I have fallen in love with the hero all over again.

One of the best-known villains to Wonder Woman is Ares (I love this, considering I am an Aries 😉 ) and his character will be played by David Thewlis. Known for his roles in movies such as the Harry Potter franchise, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Dragon Heart and more, I feel that Mr. Thewlis will be perfect as the God of war Ares. He is well rounded and adverse in his acting abilities playing everything from Shakespeare to sorcerers in the Potter world and much in between. He was officially announced as a character back in November but no one really knew what he was doing in the film, until now. And as an extra treat, we get to see what his character may look like! How exciting!

Now the images are what you may be expecting, in fact they aren’t of Mr. Thewlis dressed up, but action figures instead. Released by the New York Toy Fair, the images below have Wonder Woman, Chris Pine and Ares as toys. And can I just say, Ares looks pretty freaky and crazy. I can’t imagine how hot it’s going to be for poor David in that costume, (I don’t think it could be any worse than it was for Tim Curry in Legend,) but Mr. Lewis gets to have some parts done in CGI.

Well check out the images below and let me know what you think? Does the movie Ares look like the Comic Ares? Or did they jack him up a little too much to be the Greek God? I personally think he looks bad arse. ^_^

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