What We Know So About BBC’s Sherlock Season 4

BBC has officially confirmed that Sherlock’s premiere episode ‘The Six Thatcher’s‘ will grace our screens on January 1st, 2017 and according to digiguide.tv it will air at 8:30 pm. I don’t know about you guys but I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the New Year.

The Lying Detective‘ will air the following Sunday January 8th, (a great way to top off my birthday) and ‘The Final Problem‘ will be airing on January 15th.

This season looks to be quite dark, with the trailer starting with more sketchy footage of Moriarty (Andrew Scott). Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) says “something is coming … Maybe it’s Moriarty, maybe it isn’t” Which leads us to believe that Sherlock is not totally against his arch-nemesis somehow returning. In the trailer we also see hospital staff wheeling out a body. Could this just be a red herring to throw us off the scent? I guess we will soon find out. We also see a lot of Toby Jones, who promises “endless fun” however, Sherlock doesn’t seem enthused about the “endless” part. Ms Hudson (Una Stubbs) tells Mycroft (Mark Gatiss) to “get out of my house, you reptile” what has he done this time? Take a look at both trailers below

The Six Thatcher’s‘ will be loosely based on the Doyle story ‘The Adventure Of The Six Napoleons‘, which features Lestrade and plaster busts of the French military leader being smashed in search of the hidden pearl.

The Lying Detective‘ will be likely based on ‘The Adventure Of The Dying Detective‘, in which Culverton Smith (Tony Jones) the season 4’s villain will feature.

The Final Problem‘ will get its own cinema screening across the UK and Ireland for one night only on Sunday 15th January at 9 pm at participating cinema chains including Cineworld, Odeon, Picture House, Vue, Empire, Omniplex Showcase and Everyman which will coincide with the episode airing on BBC One.

The tone of season 4 is consistently dark and has been described as devastating emotional upheaval focused on Sherlock and John (Martin Freeman) being forced to confront consequences. Moffat told EWWe’re certainly going to put the through the mill.” Toby Jones was announced as the villain for season 4 in May and will be playing Culverton Smith, who in the original story is a vile man who uses his knowledge of deadly tropical illnesses to try to murder Sherlock. To catch him in the act Sherlock must pretend that he is actually infected and slowly dying from the disease, and refuses to allow an increasingly distressed Watson treat him. We will also see another new cast member Sacha Dhawan, who will play a character named AJ.

As a huge Sherlock fan with a collection of all the original Sherlock Adventures and The Murder Rooms – The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes (which I highly recommend watching) I’m looking forward to watching the darkness of season 4 unfold.

Sherlock Season 4 will air January 1st 2017 on BBC One at 8:30pm

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