What Are Ya Playing? 4/12/17 Persona 5


It feels right to make a post about what I am playing when it is a game that has truly dripped into my world. Persona 5 is a game that I have been waiting for, for such a long time, and honestly, it takes all I have not to play it. At about 50 hours into this game, I am still as drawn in as I was in the first hour. I definitely have not completed all of the main story, collected all of the persona, or even become best friends with everyone who will have me. This game begs for you to play it and it deserves all the praise.


The characters themselves are truly great, and you really get to know them on a deep level. You go through different events and like all other Persona games before it, you get to know these characters in hopes of gaining power. This power can come in the forms of cheaper medicine, a true best friend, and even love. With 23 different allies, it is often hard to decide where and who you will spend your time with. The characters all have their own quirks, from your loud and stupid friend Ryuji to your caretaker Sojiro, and even your well-meaning teacher Kawakami.

These characters all have stories to tell, and it behooves you to get to know as many as you can really. The good thing is, that if you do happen to play the game more than once, you will keep the later powers so if you’ve maxed out a friendship you don’t necessarily have to do it again. Though it is easy sometimes to figure out what characters you really like. There always is a moment when you have to decide who to move to the next level with if you are flirting with a female, and reach a certain point, then you are in a relationship unless you keep things platonic. I have hit that point recently and realised that the girl I was now involved with might not be the best, so I went back to an older file and went through the process again. Now, I’m single again in the game and have a choice of so many other women, and it is a good thing. I will certainly choose a partner eventually, but this freedom makes everything feel far freer.


Not only are the characters amazing and life like the game itself is truly so well designed. The menus are crisp and clean, the battle animations fluid, and the music incredible. This game has indeed been pushed back countless times to ensure it is the best it can be. This is a game that anyone, be they a long-time fan or a newbie, will be able to get into. If you have not delved into the world of Persona, then I suggest you pick up this game, it could even come to Nintendo Switch in the future if you don’t have a PS4.

I could honestly talk about this game all day, but I have to play more and complete this masterpiece. As it stands right now, it is certainly one of my games of the year, which is why What I’ve been Playing is Persona 5! Check out the trailer below and if it looks good, which it should, get you into this phenomenal game!

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