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Happy new year! As you may have noticed we are no longer Skatronixxx, we are now Pop Culture Pipe Bomb! What better way to forget 2016 and usher in 2017 then a new shiny site and name?

Pop Culture Pipe Bomb is the culmination of several months of brainstorming and research on just how to improve the site and bring us to the next level. We assembled a dedicated core group to help make this new vision possible. We have lots of other ambitious goals for 2017 as we feel strongly that this is our year!

For those of you just discovering us or not familiar with the man behind the curtain at the comic book section, allow me to introduce myself. I am Matt Shaw, you friendly neighbourhood head comic book writer. I have been with the site since late June 2016. It has been a blast writing for the site. I have met many excellent people on staff here as well as creators and publishers in the wonderful world of comics.

My primary focus for this section is indie content; that means creators, publishers and any other related content. It’s simply too easy to cover mainstream comics news, and quite frankly there are more than enough choices to get that news. I’m not about to join the rat race to get the news out before every other site that comes out with the same information hours later.

I believe indie comics need a voice. Some of the best comics being made today are the ones you have no idea about. I’m personally fed up with the big 2 and their constant reboots (Marvel being the worst offender) and their event storylines which are for the most part unoriginal and a cash grab. Long gone are the days of innovation and challenging the status quo of comics. That’s not to say I think there are no good big two titles. There are some excellent series but nowhere near as many as there used to be, and from time to time there will be big two content, but again that’s not the primary focus.

I have worked hard to develop relationships with indie comic creators and publishers. I believe in what they are doing because it’s different from the norm. It’s not safe. It’s not cookie cutter content. It’s honestly the best bang for your buck these days. I believe we are going to see 6 and 7 dollar comics be the norm from Marvel and DC, and that’s for 22 pages (including stupid ad’s!), not an over-sized or a one-shot.

For 2017 I hope to be more consistent with posting content and finding a writer or two to join my team as I am pretty much solo. Fellow staff member Deven Bhagwandin ( Covers The Expanse, People of Earth and Stan Against Evil. @devenbhagwandin ) and I are planning on doing a comic book related podcast. No solid date for that at the moment as were both new to it but keep an eye out for it in the not too distant future!

We will also be having a contest later this month in celebration of the new site so stay tuned for details!

I would like to thank  Action Lab Entertainment, Alterna and Comixtribe for providing us with review copies of their comics and press releases for the past several months. I look forward to what they are releasing in 2017 and to continue to build up our relationship with each publisher.

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