We Review the Latest Episode of Time After Time SN01 EP05 – “Picture Fades”


So last week a lot happened on Time After Time!  John (Josh Bowman) escapes in the time machine finally! We learn that Jack/John has a son, a son who died in 1918 which is where H.G. (Freddie Stroma) figures John has traveled to, to save his son.  H.G. is correct! We also learned that Vanessa’s (Nicole Ari Parker) father killed Griffin (Will Chase) and Brooke’s (Jennifer Ferrin) father!

This week John meets his son!  This is an interesting moment.  As we know John has been struggling a bit with who he is and what he’s done.  When he learns he has a son, a son who followed in his father’s footsteps even without his father being there to show him the way…his son, Henry Ayers (Cameron Cuffe) is a doctor!  John  passes himself off as a friend of the families to try to get to know his son, John really wants his son to be like him in all ways but Henry is good.  Henry knows you either have to reject the darkness or you let it destroy you.  These words hit John, just like it always does when he’s forced to question his own dark side.

H.G. and John argue over Henry’s fate meanwhile Jane (Genesis Rodriguezwho was left in 2017 and not very happy about it figures out that they have it all wrong!  That Henry does die that day but not how they think he does or where.  She also realizes Henry isn’t the only one how get injured that day as she looks at a news paper photo and sees H.G. laying on his back on the road outside of the bombed cafe.  Now Jane is also in 1918 and has to recruit John’s help to save H.G.’s life.  Henry however runs into a burning building to try to help save lives and ends up dying after all despite all of John’s efforts to stop it.

We also learn in this episode that Brooke has continued with her father’s research.  She shows off her genetically enhanced man-weapon Nick (Jonathan Mielec) as shown in pic above and patches her brother up with stem cells that instantaneously regenerate his skin. We also learn that Griffin’s marriage to Vanessa is all part of the revenge plan of Brooke’s.  Vanessa gets a clue on Project Utopia but Brooke sends her little pet in to interfere before Vanessa can get to Dr. Cedric Myers (John Hutton) and the clue!  Brooke makes it official she wants Wells, the Ripper and the Time Machine all of which Vanessa currently has under lock and key at her home, at Griffin’s home.

I’m still lean towards Vanessa being H.G. and Jane’s great great great granddaughter, even more so know with Project Utopia and Brooke’s research.  Brooke has already told Jack she wants to study him, probably wants to turn him into another man-weapon like our friend Nick.  She wants to destroy Vanessa’s life because well Brooke has daddy issues, she’s clearly never gotten over her father’s death.  What is it she wants with H.G.?  Is he the key to this Project Utopia or does she just want revenge on him as well for being a member of Vanessa’s family tree?  I’m thinking it has something to do with Project Utopia, that Wells has a purpose…I guess time will tell!

Oh before I forget!  I feel kind of silly for not seeing this sooner but our H.G. Wells also tried out for the Griffindor Quiditch team and annoyed our dear Hermione with his lack of charm at Slughorn’s dinner party!  Freddie Stroma is Cormac McLaggen from Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince!  OMG!

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