We Review The ‘Survivor: Game Changers’ SN34 EP08 & 09 – ‘There’s a New Sheriff in Town

It’s a Survivor tradition that when the Merge comes a Big Threat must be sacrificed to the Survivor Gods. But with this being Game Changers and all, this cast appear to have thrown the rule book out the window and stop the trend of voting out the ‘Big Name’ and opted for Hali Ford instead.

Yes that would be Game Changer Hali Ford becoming this years Merge boot. At least she can definitively say she was the 1st Juror on both her seasons. That’s my girl, Change that Game.

Seriously though, what the hell were both Alliances thinking? I get that Hali couldn’t be trusted because of the ‘unassuming female All-Star winner‘ threat hanging over her. But where was she going to go once you’ve indoctrinated her to your cause? I admit its likely that she could become the constant swing vote further down the line but that method didn’t really work for Will Wall last year and its unlikely to work this season either.

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The only person that saw the benefit in recruiting an outlier was Cirie Fields who took the other one-the-bench player Michaela Bradshaw aside and gave her a pep-talk on keeping her emotions in check and mouth tightly shut. I make it sound more harsh than it actually was as Cirie showed her talent for being able to bring people in with her charm and kind nature alone. It was an effortless social game that saw her inch into the dominate alliance on both Exile Island and Micronesia but it was also the same quality that made JT Thomas gun for her in Heroes Vs Villains. A trend that a see the leaders of the dominate Alliance, Sierra Dawn Thomas and Brad Culpepper, taking her out sooner rather than later.

Especially after Zeke Smith turned his back on her and Andrea Boehlke.

After last weeks emotional Tribal we first saw a level-headed Zeke this week, who was determined to leave the drama behind him and just play the game to win. It was inevitable that his fellow castaways would fear that his ‘story’ would for-sure secure him a win at the end but from what it appeared he was in good with Cirie and Andrea who surely knew this threat yet included him in the plan to grab Michaela and Aubrey Bracco in an effort to make it to the end.

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While I can certainly agree with the idea of regretting making a move rather than not making one at all, I can’t be the only one thinking that this was perhaps way too soon It’s plausible that Zeke ‘read the room’ and pick up on that threat that Jeff Varner’s outburst painted a target on his back far sooner than he intended. But the fact that Andrea was most-likely with him till the end (given their pre-game Survivor Brooklyn connection) perhaps further down-the-line this may be the move he’ll regret making.

Of course ‘regret’ isn’t in Debbie Wanner’s vocabulary and neither should it be as she made the single best decision of the night in getting the majority to change the vote to Ozzy Lusth, the prototypical Merge boot. And while she did waste her extra vote in doing so (she had the majority without having to play it) it does put Debbie higher up on the totem pole with moves made within the game. This doesn’t mean that she can win of course – its Debbie – but that doesn’t mean her move won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Just as Zeke might have made a play too soon, Debbie is now on the radar as someone willing to use Advantages in the game, for good and for bad, we will just have to wait and see which one it is going to be.

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