We Review The ‘Survivor: Game Changers’ SN34 EP06 – ‘Vote Early, Vote Often’

Alas the day came when one of my all-time favourite Survivor Winners finally got her torch snuffed. Sandra Diaz-Twine may have seen her Survivor game come to an untimely end as a Pre-Merge boot but her Legacy certainly stays intact with a strategy that saw the only Two-Time-Winner come out of the gates hard, fast and never let up.

This seasons’ twists and turns have had many lamenting Game Changers level of unfairness. From Tony’s inability to find Hidden Immunity Idols that were not in play for the first two rounds, to the double Tribal Council that saw Malcolm become the earliest Merge boot in Survivor history due to his inability to discuss strategy with the opposing Tribe.

Whether these instances are a result of Survivor Producers or just the nature of the game, there’s no denying that Game Changers have seen strong players cut-down early and often whenever the game has been shaken up. With the Tribe swap in this episode proving no different.

At this point in Survivors long history, numerous Tribe Swaps have become a regular facet of the game – they are as entirely expected as someone leaving every three days. So to call this unfair or even a twist is nonsensical but it is entirely plausible that had the Tribes stayed put, Sandra would not have gone home tonight. But given that Aubrey Bracco was at the bottom of old Nuku we really have a Mexican Stand-off when it comes to my favourites in the game. At this point I’m fiddling with timey-whimey stuff to get my dream Alliance of Tony, Sandra, Aubrey and Malcolm back on track.

I’m calling a do-over right here.

Pick a Buff, Any Buff [Image Credit: CBS]

Before we go back to Sandra stuff we have some really dopey content involving Debbie Wanner and Survivor: Caramoan Winner John Cochrane, who decided to drop by for a visit in Fijias you do.

As a result of the aforementioned Tribe swap Debbie found herself without a Tribe and exiled to what she (and all of us) assumed would be the return of Exile Island. What waited for her however was a floating paradise, a boat stockpiled to the nines with food, drink and Survivor nerd Cochrane. Now I’m happy to see Cochrane again but in actually having him on my tv screen again just highlights the travesty that he wasn’t cast on the season. I get that he is a staff writer on tv these days and super-pals with Jeff Probst, so if  he actually wanted to come back he’d be cast in a heartbeat. But Cochrane has more credibility with the casual viewers than say Troyzan or Brad (who I actually like this season, so yes … I’m splitting hairs) or even Debbie who after 5 minutes of her ridiculous tirade last week, I wouldn’t mind swapping her for Cochrane asap.

Cochrane’s visit while dopey did served a purpose in that he gave Debbie a choice out of Three Advantages: either a makeshift Fake Idol kit, a Team advantage at the next Immunity challenge or an extra vote. Given her advocation for wanting to have all-the-power, Debbie of-course chose the extra vote. Which in theory is always the right choice because it grants the holder more power in the game as opposed to a fake idol that draws focus to you as a power player or a team advantage that gives you immediate goodwill be doesn’t guarantee any longterm status in the game.

That being said if Stephen Fishbach can’t get this Advantage to work, I have no hope for Debbie.

[Image Credit: CBS]

But back to Sandra because this being her vote-out episode we saw a lot of build-up to an exciting (if not traumatic) Tribal Council.

With Tai Trang finding two Hidden Immunity Idols (that would be three now in total) and vowing to play them whenever he felt endangered, the groundwork for Sandra’s untimely demise was all but certain. Then of-course Tai reverted back to his old mantra of paranoia and flipping on his alliances by calling out Ozzy as a Challenge threat post-merge that should be eliminated from the game. Now if you ignore how Tai went about expressing this, he actually has a good point. But after his ill-advised outburst it didn’t take long for the rest of the Tribe to switch the vote to him (with a little help from Sandra dog-piling on) which gave me hope that the Queen may have in fact pulled another fast one, especially when Tai didn’t play a single Idol.

Unfortunately the editing yet-again fooled me and Sandra would in reality see her torch get snuffed for the first time in three seasons, bringing to a close one of her most dominating games to date.

[Image Credit: CBS]

The Queen may be out but she most definitely stays Queen!

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