We Review the Season Opener of Archer SN8 EP01 – “No Good Deed”

Sterling Archer (H.Jon Benjamin) code-name Duchess known from Berlin to Bangkok as the world’s most dangerous spy (and now private investigator.)  Archer is a self centered womanizing, drunk.  His Mother is cold, calculated and always in control.  The rest of the team at ISIS definitely have their own issues.  Welcome to the world of black ops and espionage turned private investigating (long story, if you don’t know it check out Netflix and catch up!)…Welcome to Archer’s Dreamland!

Warning there will be ***Spoilers***!!!

This season has a sad start with the entire crew at a funeral, closed casket leaving us to wonder who’s funeral?!  So if you recall we left off last season with Archer face down in a swim pool, the result of Veronica Dean (Mary McDonald-Lewis) shooting him…Could Archer really be dead?  The answer is NO!  The show’s called Archer, so the main character can’t die!  But poor old Woodhouse (George Coe) can.  I guess this means no more smack jokes as the old junkie finally kicked the bucket.  Archer we find out is in a coma and has his own way of coping with this loss in his coma-toast state.  To be honest I’m kind of excited this season will all be in Archer’s head.  Don’t worry the whole gang is there playing out characters in Archer’s dreamland.  

It’s 1927’s, Archer is still a private eye, he’s still a drunk, he still has tinnitus and now he’s set out to solve his partner Woodhouse’s murder.  No! Woodhouse wasn’t murdered, he just passed away but remember we are in a Dreamland here.  The only we clue we have here is an envelope marked ARCHER!  Open in case of my murder!  Of course Archer doesn’t open this right away because well that’s what a normal person would do and by the end of the episode his office has been sacked, the envelope gone.

Lana Cane (Aisha Tyler) is a sultry lounge singer whom Archer is instantly attracted to.  Pam (Amber Nash) is a detective for the police department, as is Cyril (Chris Parnell)l (who’s also still pathetic.)  Even in Dreamland Archer bangs the tits off of Cyril’s wife ending Cyril’s marriage…Of course we know Cyril doesn’t have a wife and is still pining over Lana, always (insert eye roll here.)  Malory AKA Mother (Jessica  Walter) is the head of Dreamland, so even in a coma Archer still wants to be dominated by his mother!  LOL!  Carol/Cheryl (Judy Greer) shows up at the end of the episode playing herself, a selfish, masochistic heiress to a fortune known as Charlotte who wants Archer to murder her!

Archer ends up inadvertently saving the day by rescuing some chinese women from being sold as sex slaves by Len Trexler (Jeffrey Tambor), runs over Dutch Dylan’s (Barry) (Dave Willis) ankles and dumps the women on Pam blackmailing her with the fact he saw her murder three dudes, the three dudes holding the women at gunpoint in the truck,and because her boss is a dirty cop who took the bribe that got the women here.  Classic Archer, ultimately he does the right but it’s typically for all the wrong reasons and just when you think he might be a hero he reminds you that no, he is still a jerk!

I have high hopes for this season.  Many of you may not agree with me but the last couple of seasons have been only so-so.  Since ISIS blew up it’s been kind of downhill.  I enjoyed cokey Pam, she was fun and hot but I was not a fan of Lana’s pregnancy or the not at all shocking reveal that it was Archer’s kid.  Of course she stole and used his sperm!  Duh!

Remembering Woodhouse

We first meet Woodhouse when Archer wakes up after a drunken one-nighter with an airline stewardess to a barking dog.  “There are two rules Woodhouse, what are they?” NO MOTHER and NO DOGS in the apartment Archer Season 1 Episode 1 “The Mole”

This was also the episode where “Do you want ants? Because this is how you get ants!” is born!  Thank you Malory!


The Good
  • Refreshing to be in Dreamland
  • new story line
  • funny
  • back to more classic Archer
The Bad
  • The season is just a dream
4.5 Superb

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