We Review the Return of Samurai Jack in Samurai Jack-‘XCII’

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Samurai Jack is back and really has become part of the future. It certainly makes sense that after fifty years of living in the future he would be this adept at using the technology. Thinking about it, it really has been 12 years since Samurai Jack (Phil LaMarr) has battled before us and let me tell you, it feels right that he is back now to finish things.

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Wrecking a group of Aku’s wicked bugs, Samurai Jack shows off his new rugged look and his new way of transport. He isn’t wearing his traditional Gi anymore as he really has taken on a futuristic way of living.  As he drinks water, he has visions of those he left behind in the past, and you can tell, that those people really did mean something to him. This man has seemingly forgotten them though as he has been working to take down Aku.

His father appears before him again, and he screams, he really does have work to do. Meanwhile, a group of young women train to take down Jack as they work for Aku. It is certainly good to see powerful women on a show whose main character is a man. These young women are certainly brainwashed into believing Aku is good, and Jack is bad, so I wonder how this will all play out in the end.

Samurai Jack meets an old enemy named Scaramoush, and he learns that Jack lost his sword. Certainly, makes sense that Jack would overcompensate by using tonnes of future tech. Jack takes on this foe with his masterful agility even with all that he holds. This damaged man begins seeing people around him, and it is clear he has lost something, his mind.

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As cool as it is to see Jack wielding such weaponry, it will be even better when he is using his sword once more, though when that will happen is anyone’s guess. The animation is once again totally impressive, really great to see such art on television again. Finally slicing through Scaramoush, Jack takes his prize and heads out. Another impressive fight in the books for this man.

The seven women have finished their training and are after one thing the ultimate destruction of Samurai Jack. Jack will certainly have his hands full when he has to take down these women.

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Samurai Jack is back, and he really has gone through a transformation. He is still intrinsically the man he once was at the start, but he is also a new man. Based on this first episode, it is clear that Jack is ready to finish his task. He really has to silence the cries of his family and loved ones he left in the past. It ‘s nice to see this show come back and in all the glory it deserves, if you haven’t watched this show, this is an excellent introduction as it makes you want more.

The Good
  • Samurai Jack is back! The animation is just as amazing and this Jack looks like he really has what it takes to take down Aku. We are also introduced to a new set of baddies, and see a couple of great fights.
The Bad
  • Aku doesn't truly make a physical appearance.
5 Essential

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