We Review the Latest WWE 205 Live Results From the 4/18 Show

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Ok, now that mushy stuff is out-of-the-way… 205 Live, I truly belive that the Cruiserweights can once again be the heart of Professional Wrestling (ahem) I mean Sports Entertainment. 

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Last weeks episode of 205 Live TJ Perkins decides to follow a King instead of his once mentor. Will the guidance of the King lead TJ to another victory against Austin Aries?

Opening Match: Akira Tozawa Vs. Tony Nese

Personally I think TJ could have picked up some valuable lessons from Brian Kendrick, I know Akira Tozawa has. Tozawa has become the jewel of 205 Live much to the chagrin of Kendrick. Tony Nese better be on his A game in this opening match against Tozawa.

Nese tries to show off his physical superiority but Akira shows it’s heart not strength as both men try to get the upper hand in the early stages. Just as Tozawa began to take control of the match, out comes Kendrick support Nese and distract Akira.

Kendrick plastic thus far has worded to a tee as Nese begins to wear down Akira using his freakish power. Akira digs deeps and begins to mount an offence, Kendrick tries to put the boot to A downed Tozawa but the referee eyes Kendrick in mid-kick forcing him off the apron.

Nese unfortunately turned out to be the distracted one as Tozawa catches Nese with a Sun Set Flip for the victory. Kendrick tried to confront Akira but us attacked from begin by an angry Nese. Akira laughs as he gave Kendrick his third lesson of having eyes in the back of your head.

Winner by pinfall: Akira Tozawa


In-Ring Segment: Rich Swann

Rich Swann enters the ring to revel in his prank last week on Alicia Fox and Noam Dar. Dar quickly storms to the ring to confront Swann. Just as both men looked to start scraping, out comes Fox to mediate. Actually, Fox came to the ring to come clean admitting that she used Dar and actually hated the way he said her name Alicia Foooox.


Alicia then dismissed the heartbroken Dar out of the ring. Alicia then focused her attention to Swann thanking him for the gifts. Fox is  under the impression that they were going to be an item extending for a kiss.

Swann stops Fox in her tracks to remind her of his close friend Cedric Alexander. Swann created this elaborate scheme to expose Fox for who she was and for leaving Cedric for Dar. Swann leaves Fox in the ring as she has a minor breakdown to the enjoyment of the 205 Live Universe.

Singles Match: Mustafa Ali Vs. Ariya Daivari

Both competitors come into this match equally skilled but it’s Ali who gets his offence off first. Ali uses his acrobatic skill to gain the slight edge. Daivari counters Ali’s areal attack with a Backdrop on the apron. Ariya puts his focus on Ali’s now injured back.

Mustafa tries to counter with a Cross Body but Daivari a step ahead turns it into a Spinebuster. Mustafa begins to build momentum landing his signature moves despite his back pain. Mustafa caps it off with his Rolling Neckbreaker to a dazed Daivari.

Ali goes for the finish with his Inverted 450 Splash but is distracted by Drew Gulak and his No High Flying campaign. Daivari takes full advantage getting the win with a devastating Hammer Lock Lariat.

Winner by pinfall: Ariya Daivari

Cameras catch up with Gulak backstage as he marvels in a successful campaign.

Main Event: Austin Aries Vs. TJ Perkins

TJ enters the ring with a new-found attitude not caring what the 205 Live Universe thinks of his new mentality. Can Aries focus on the task at hand avenging the defeat he suffered at the had of Perkins last week or does the #1 contender have his mind on Neville and capturing the Cruiserweight Title at Payback.

TJ thought he was in The Thunderdome (that’s to all Mad Max fans) by spitting on his hand before he and Aries shake. Austin violently slaps Perkins hand away and goes on the attack. Perkins quickly slides to the outside not wanting Aries to get the early upper hand.

As both men try to psych each other out, Perkins puts his attention to the crowd allowing Aries to gain the advantage. Aries tries for the fast finish but TJ again slides to the outside. Perkins comes back in looking to mount an offence but A-Dub is laser focused on avenging his loss.

Aries jumps the gun attempting a high risk maneuver too early allowing Perkins to create space and take over the match.

Perkins overly aggressive now gives Aries the chance to mount a comeback. Aries tries for a 450, Perkins moves out-of-the-way but Aries lands on his feet. Aries should have tucked and rolled to avoid injuring his knee but damage was already done.

TJ quickly takes advantage locking in his signature Kneebar. Aries showing heart makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Both men are in the middle of the ring going blow for blow but it was TJ who came out on top with a series of strikes and a Gutbuster.

Perkins goes for the win with the Detonation Kick, Aries reverses with a Reverse Exploder Suplex. Aries goes to the top rope to finally land the 450 Splash.

As Aries pins Perkins, Austin over commits in hooking the leg allowing TJ to put his leg on the rope avoiding defeat. Aries than locks in the Last Chancery, again TJ gets his leg on the rope to break the hold. TJ catches an overzealous Aries with a Basement Dropkick.

Perkins again attempts the Detonation Kick, Aries escapes and rings Perkins Belk with the Ear clap. Aries picks up a dazed Perkins to finish him off with the Rolling Five-Arm for the 1,2,3 and avenging his loss from last week.

Winner by pinfall: Austin Aries

Aries victory celebration is cut short by the King as he comes running into the ring. Neville and Aries begins to battle, Aries comes out on top with the Last Chancery. TJ quickly comes to the aid of his new-found mentor as both men take apart Aries in the middle of the ring.

Will Perkins and the Champ do enough to soften Aries up before the PPV? Or will A-Dub once again rise to the occasion and prove why he’s on a level higher than great.



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