We Review The Latest Regular Show In Space SN08 EP31 – ‘A Regular Epic Battle Finale Part 3’



It’s back to the first episode of Regular Show, the Power. Mordecai and Rigby are fighting a wrestling doll and of course, it doesn’t end well. Rigby remembers this happening before and then remembers all that happened to him. Mordecai thinks they will be fired but Rigby laughs because they have never gotten fired in six years. Rigby digs up the time capsule and Mordecai gains his memories once again. Using the Power of the keyboard they come back to the end.

Pops knocks back Anti-Pops into the cartoon where he first showed up. Mordecai and Rigby survive the destruction of Lolliland as Pops rushes to take out Anti Pops. He flies through the letters that spell out the title but is blasted back by adhesive notes. Soon it begins to show the scripts of the show. Pops remembers what the seer told him and knows he has to resolve it is his way.

Pops flies up before his rival and flies into him with a hug that covers his body in feeling. He continues to hug him until they fly into the sun. Mordecai and Rigby look on with tears in their eyes as Anti-Pops is made good. Really a perfect way to end this show as Pops didn’t want to fight at all and he was forced to. Ending it on his terms is the best way to wrap up this saga.

Three years have passed and the park dome is finally back on Earth. Margaret runs to see Mordecai. Their parents soon arrive along with all of the heroes’ friends and loved ones. They erect a sculpture in Pops’s honor. Mordecai and Rigby move out with everyone having kids. Mordecai grows older and ends up marrying a batwoman. While this is fine I am a little sour that he didn’t marry Margaret. Plus, we didn’t even get to meet this batwoman! They reunite at a 25 year Park reunion and Mordecai and Rigby are both so scruffy. It is really nice that all the characters have kids who have taken after their parents. Benson still runs the park with a new group of weirdos and of course the immortal Skips.

The series ends with a TV in Heaven, the VHS Regular Show pops out, and Pops says, “Good Show, Jolly Good Show.”

The Good
  • Regular Show's Final battle ends in Pop's way. We get to see what happens to the characters after the event. Beautiful future end.
The Bad
  • Regular Show has ended after 8 seasons. Mordecai didn't end up with Margaret.
5 Essential

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