We Review The Latest Regular Show: In Space SN08 EP29 – ‘A Regular Epic Battle Finale Part 1’


Pops is in battle with Anti Pops when he finds a magical 2 B Pencil. Clearly some form of premonition unless it’s just a ruse. He soon wakes up and realizes it is a dream. Mordecai and Rigby bring him to the deck as they are about to land on Lolliland’s surface. The planet is pink like Pops but doesn’t really look as nice as I’d think it’d be. Pops soon meets three of the planets residents and they tell them about the damage done to the planet. It is rather interesting seeing different people who look similar to Pops. Though the funniest of the three is a less than stellar weird mushroom guy.

The Lollilanders talk of a guardian who watches over the planet. They travel to find the guardian who tells of the battle. She comes here every Fourteen Billion years to see the fight. It is really interesting to think that this fight always happens at this same time like clock work. She tells them that they should look at the texts to find out how to take down Anti Pops for good.

The other Pops citizens bring them to show off the tapestries depicting the battles. Mordecai and the gang have always been apart of this fight. Though the fight always ends the same in one final clash and a reset to the Universe. Mordecai realizes that every battle goes the same so why not use that to their advantage. While Pops isn’t up for trickery, he does realize it is the only way to stop the fighting forever.

Anti-pops gets a ride from a space Uber driver as his ship doesn’t work. He soon arrives at Lolliland showing off instantly.  A young Pops citizen sings the Lolliland anthem until Anti-pops tells him to stop. The gang unleash their traps which work quite well. Anti-pops soon emerges from the traps unharmed. Of course this villain won’t go down so easily.

This episode was certainly a good one as it showed off the past battles. It also showed off how Anti-Pops would arrive at the battle field and set up what should be an amazing end to this series. The Lollilanders were also a humorous part of this episode and it is good to know Pops isn’t the only Lollilander around. Hopefully things work out for the best and I must say it does seem like this will be the case.

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