We Review the Latest Regular Show: In Space SN08 EP28 – ‘Cheer Up Pops’

Mordecai and Rigby have to cheer up Pops who isn’t thrilled about what he will have to do. He teleports around the park in tears leaving his friends in shock. Pops is certainly the type of character to fret about things. I mean who wouldn’t fret about such an important battle. This really could be the end of the universe if Pops happens to lose. Though of course the chances of him losing are small.

Mordecai and Rigby perform for Pops to make him happy. It does work for awhile until Rigby messes things up. Though Ben’s raspberry filled Pops cake and Muscle man’s firework show with the Earth blowing up at the end was also gruesome. For trying to cheer him up, they really did quite the terrible job. I mean it would certainly be creepy to see someone go to cut a piece of a cake that looks like you and see blood red goo eek out.

They soon have a party inviting some classic characters including Death. It is really cool when shows are able to bring back past characters for new episodes. The party is really nice, and everyone has a fantastic time. Soon though Pops looks around the room and realizes how sad it is. It is nice to see Pops really changing throughout this final season. He really is showing the most emotion he has ever shown.

The guys decide to bury a time capsule. They take all of their memories and put them in a box set via Blu-Ray’s power. All of their memories are shown off, and it really shows many scenes from past episodes. Mordecai ends up knocking Rigby, and soon the gang is struggling to get back down. Pops saves them with his power and feels far better. Pops is super excited for this box set to be found one day. They are about to send it into space when they decide to actually bury it. Looks like these memories will be buried for a long while.

With the first part of this hour-long finale done, I am curious how the rest will play out. Looks like the rest of the special will revolve around the fight between Pops and Anti Pops.I thought this episode itself was strong in that it showed off the emotional turmoil Pops was feeling. I am glad that they were able to bury a time capsule in case something happens to them.

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