We Review the Latest Episode of WWE 205 Live 4/25

What up, you pro wrestling fiends? I’m Danny Finnz of Pop Culture Pipe Bomb here with a another 205 Live review. Here on the Pro Wrestling Beat. Cause why, you know why the Beat goes on and on…DIG IT!!!

Last week on 205 Live we saw the King Of The Cruiserweights and his new pupil TJ Perkins brutally attack Austin Aries, after A-Dub picked up the victory over Perkins.

Neville and Perkins teamed up on Raw to Aries and Jack Gallagher. The results of that lead to tonight’s main event as Neville plans to make an example of Gallagher before his title defence against Austin Aries at Payback this Sunday.

Opening Tag Team Match: Rich Swann & Akira Tozawa Vs. Noam Dar & The Brian Kendrick

Once again teams are formed to settle individual vendettas. With the ongoing lessons between Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa to the love triangle between Rich Swann, Noam Dar and Alicia Fox.

Kendrick and Dar tried to get the early upper hand but to no avail. Swan and Tozawa explode taking out their foes. Swan begins to take it to Dar who quickly makes the tag to Kendrick. Kendrick unable to aid his partner as Swann continues to gain momentum.

Dar takes advantage of a window of opportunity and kicks Swann off the top rope. Kendrick and Dar begin to work in unison wearing down Swann. Kendrick and Dar continued to make frequent tags as Swann desperately needed to make a tag of his own.

Swan creates a little space and is close to making a tag, but Tozawa is knocked off the apron by Kendrick to prevent the tag from happening. Dar cones in but is unable to keep Swann from making the much-needed tag to Tozawa.

Tozawa takes complete control of the match using, that momentum to get the victory with a Shining Wizard.

Winners by pinfall: Akira Tozawa & Rich Swann

-Backstage Interview with Neville.

Neville feels superly confident in defeating Jack Gallagher again. The champ just hopes that Austin Aries is watching in preperation for their rematch at Payback. Neville believes that no one is on the Neville Level with the possible exception of his new protege TJP. The champ fells all will bend a knee to The King Of The Cruiserweights.

Singles Match: Mustafa Ali Vs. Tony Nese

These two have a long history on 205 Live. I find it peculiar that these two would face off with Mustafa Ali having trouble with Tony Nese friend Drew Gulak. Expect to see Gulak make his presence known during the course of this match.

I swear as I’m writing down my intro, out comes Gulak with “No High Flying Zone” petition.

A classic match up of speed vs. strength as both men attempt to gain the upper hand. Ali’s speed begins to get the best of Nese’s strength. Tony explodes with a massive forearm to take control of the contest. Nese displays his power with a beautiful Stalling Suplex dropping Ali on his abdomen across the ring ropes.

Ali gets a second wind, countering Nese with a sweet bulldog. Ali begins to pick up the pace with a marvelous dropkick topped off with a Spring Board Moonsualt.

Ali continues to utilize his speed to escape Nese’s  aggression with a Rolling Neckbreaker. Ali goes for the finish with his Inverted 450, but Gulak grabs his pal Nese by the leg dragging him to the outside floor. The referee calls for bell and disqualifies Ali. Nese is frustrated at his friend believing he still could have won the match on his own. As the two argue Nese walks away in angry leaving Gulak alone.

Ali flips off the top rope with a Senton Bomb, taking out Gulak for taking away his victory.

Winner by DQ: Tony Nese

-Tomorrow night on NXT, Drew McIntyre takes on Andrade “Cien” Almas. Also, Tyler Bate will defend his United Kingdom Championship against Jack Gallagher.

Main Event: Neville Vs. Jack Gallagher 

This is the first time these two have faced off since Fastlane. Gallagher starts off fast taking it to the champ early in the contest. The champ quickly turns things around using his aggression to work over the gentleman.

Neville, now showing Gallagher and the WWE Universe also Austin Aries what the Neville Level is all about.

Neville adds insult to injury as the champ taunts the crowd as he digs his boot into the head of Gallagher. Jack almost steal a win with a Victory Roll. Uses this to pick up some momentum to turn the tide of the match. Neville using his high IQ quickly takes the air out of Jack’s sails.

Jack digs deep almost getting the victory with his signature headbutt. Gallagher lands a beautiful Butterfly Suplex for another nearfall. Jack tries to finish off Neville with a back drop off the top rope. Gallagher spent just a little too much time appeasing the WWE Universe for Neville to knock Jack down with a series of elbows.

Neville then drives his boot into the back of Gallagher’s head using the turnbuckle as leverage. Neville continued to stop my the back of Gallagher’s head until the referee finally pulled the champ away. All the champ had to do now was pick the bones, which he does with his signature Rings Of Saturn.

Winner by Tapout: Neville

This match was to close to call at times. If Neville wants to remain champ he must take Austin Aries far more seriously than he took Gallagher tonight.




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