We Review the Latest Episode of The Simpsons SN28 EP10 ‘The Nightmare After Krustmas’


After a Dickensian couch gag Burns releases the Christmas hounds. There is then an Advent calendar that opens up to show all sorts of characters. It zooms in on the church which is rather empty.  Though the church usually is rather full, so something must be going on.

Lovejoy is not packing the church like he should and he is forced to talk to his inner circles. Even Ned isn’t being help as much and he is always helped by religion. Lovejoy thinks the town is Christian but everyone is out at a Pagan fair. I think that religion is losing its glory as people are finding new things to believe in that don’t require long services.

A Dutch contraption goes out of control and tramples over Krusty. He is trying to get to know his daughter who is totally different then he is. He has to teach her Yiddish because she was raised Christian.Marge decides to help and invites them both to stay with them. She brings Maggie a Gnome in your Home which makes her paranoid. Totally makes sense as the whole idea is rather police statey.

Krusty decides to make the visit a Christmas special. His daughter Sophie doesn’t want to be on camera as she wants it to be normal. He goes to extremes and causes her to tell him to leave. He doesn’t understand that she just wants to get to know him and spend real time with him.

Lovejoy goes around trying to convert everyone and can’t even do it. He thinks he should change his profession and ends up at Moe’s. Krusty comes in and he works to convert him. Krusty is instantly converted when he thinks he sees Christ outside. Though humorously it turns out to be Snake being taxed.

Maggie is freaked out about the Gnome and when it falls over she thinks it is alive. She has a nightmare that it comes to life and spits out the noses of all the babies. She imagines Santa, Jack Frost, The Abominable Snowman and Wayne Gretzky as her saviors but the gnome scares them off. Good to see such a nice winter themed group saving the day.

Maggie wakes up frightened and Marge tells her that because it was so helpful, the gnome will be up year round. To Maggie’s chagrin, she is given a Mrs.Gnome who will join her husband in watching her. Maggie immediately shows her hatred this time and cuts the second gnome’s head off troubling Homer and Marge.

Krusty has totally changed and even changes Itchy and Scratchy so it is Christian. Sophie might be happy but no one else is. Lovejoy is told he has to get Krusty baptized. If he doesn’t do it he will be sent to a prison to hold church there. Krusty is okay with this winter baptism but soon falls through the ice. He ends up in a parody of Frozen which troubles him.

His father appears and talks to him about his troubles. He of course makes him feel better.Everything works out with Krusty and his daughter. The church is saved as Lovejoy saved Krusty and Maggie continues her extermination of Gnomes with a tractor. How Maggie got the tractor out and is able to drive it isn’t stated but clearly her parent’s less than stellar parenting is to blame.

God and Jewish god talk about Krusty and both feel he is in both religions now. Krusty and his daughter sing a non denominational song as the episode ends.

This was a nice holiday special that focused on Krusty and Sophie. These two might not know each other too well but is always good seeing parents and their kids reconnect.


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