We Review the Latest Episode of The Simpsons SN28 EP09 – ‘The Last Traction Hero’


Homer is looking for a parking spot and can’t find any and soon ends up in Burns’ spot. He soon takes over Burns’ life as he has not thought it through. He even buys the Magic Tiki Birds from Disney world. Though when Burns returns he is soon dropped through a trap door that is under renovation.His fall through the trap is humorous as he suffers through many damaging things before falling in a concrete mixer. Though he does get a pretty cool mobile so he can access all of his favorite things.

Burns has to fix the trapdoor and could be sued by Homer. Burns sends Smithers to see them to get him to sign a waiver.

Lisa films a fight on the bus troubled by the violence. Bart writes what Homer thinks is something bad on his cast but it is actually “Get Well Soon”. He soon falls off the couch and Maggie spins him. Marge and Homer build a puzzle and Homer hate it because it is so boring.

Lisa brings footage of the fight to the principal. He makes her bus monitor because she knows more then he does. Skinner is a character whose intelligence shifts as sometimes he is mensa certified and other times he is dumber than a door nail.

Smithers tries to get Homer to sign and he only hears the words he wants to hear. He is so excited to sue Burns so he can get rich quick. With Burns’ skill there isn’t really anyway that Homer will get away with anything sadly.

He finds an attorney on TV and is about to call him when Smithers brings him a cake. Homer hates Marge’s idea of fun and Smithers realizes he might be able to take advantage. They both have similar lives due to the people they are linked to.

Lisa takes over the bus and sets Milhouse alone. Otto throws out the music he listens to since the bus is quiet. Lisa of course goes insane with power and imagines herself as a dictator. Lisa really could be a decent leader if the people under her respected her, but she doesn’t get any respect.

Smithers and Marge becomes fast friends and she wants to kiss him. He rushes off and she soon sleeps with Homer calling out Smithers when it’s over. Homer is happy to not have to be emotional with her, clearly he will regret this.

Everyone hates Lisa’s new bus arrangement but Lisa is ready to take it all over. When they go through a tunnel all hell breaks loose. Smithers stops by for one last time as he knows he can’t get Homer to sign. Marge now feels like she has no one and won’t sleep with Homer.

He doesn’t want to give up his settlement settlement but he will for Marge. He gets Smithers to stay and soon slips on the stairs for his attorney. As he does this Marge tries to stop him and they both roll down the stairs. Lucky for them their love is strong and they both seem far happier to be in casts together.

In the end Lisa tries to not be a know it all. She soon loses it and fixes all of her teacher’s mistakes. This is just a classic Lisa moment, she might be a people pleaser but at heart she is a Lisa pleaser. She just can’t change that part of her no matter what and I think that is a good thing.

A solid episode of the Simpsons that showed off the stupidity of Homer once more. Smithers and Marge got a long because they both made odd decisions in life and it was odd seeing Marge feel attracted to him. I really enjoyed Marge’s mobile for Homer, he couldn’t use his arms so it was nice that he had access to these things, so I can’t see him actually using any of these tools in his state.

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