We Review the Latest Episode of The Simpsons SN28 EP08 -‘Dad Behavior’


In the couch gag everyone but Bart is killed though his skateboard is broken when he lands on Barney. He starts working on a TV rest and gets stuck. Of course he gets stuck, Homer is such a fat guy. Calling Barney he learns about an app called Chore Monkey which allows you to bring in anyone to do anything. Gotta love when Homer gets into something, he always goes way too above and beyond.

Of course Homer goes crazy in his usage and has everyone do everything for him. He is soon made sad when a chore monkey is loved by Bart more then he is loved. Homer hires another chore monkey, this time a young boy to play catch with him. Sending him away cause the boy to blacklist him from the site.

Kurt wants to be on America’s Funniest Home Videos and even after working so hard Nelson deletes the video.Homer goes to see his father and his father tells him he is going to be a father again. He wants to skip town but after she says Homer is a cute kid he stays.

Bart continues to hang out with the football star from Chore Monkey. Matt Litner let’s Bart win. Bart soon finds his job list and is sad that he was letting him win.Milhouse helps Homer out and soon they are close. Bart is troubled by this new development especially since his friend wasn’t really a friend. Homer is bored hanging out with Bart as he and Milhouse get along so well.

He goes fishing without Bart and Bart acts like a spurned wife. Marge and Grandpa talk and he tells her how troubles he is about having a baby. It turns out his father was like Popeye, a humorous parody indeed. It always is interesting seeing the past in shows as they can really do just about anything in a cartoon.

Bart goes to see Kirk and soon decides to hang out with him. Marge is upset that Homer isn’t hanging out with Bart. Homer tells her he has always hated Bart calling him Homer. Lisa and Marge aren’t talking as they had a fight just like Homer and Bart.

Grandpa finds out he isn’t the father and he seems upset but he is actually overjoyed. This does make sense as he was a horrible father to Homer so how could he be excited to have another baby. It is humorous because the baby looks like his father who is an old man and that is just a little unnerving.

Homer and Milhouse find Kirk and Bart at Itchy and Scratchy land. When they get into a bumper car crash Homer rushes to Bart’s side and Kirk rushes to Milhouse. They make up and Bart calls him Dad. I doubt that this will continue but do think it is about time that Bart starts growing up a little.

Marge has a chore monkey talk to Maggie about her pacifier use and she rebuffs him. Looks like she won’t be giving it up. Would be good for her to stop using it so we can actually have a talking Maggie though.

A solid episode that lead Homer to a new addiction that he soon wasn’t able to enjoy anymore. Homer and Bart even had a little advancement in their relationship which will certainly go away.

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