We Review the Latest Episode of The Odd Couple SN03 EP10 ‘Should She Stay Or Should She Go

Oscar and Felix are both involved in matters of the heart in this week’s episode. Felix is ready to find his Mrs.Right and is going to enjoy things he likes such as bird watching to do it. As he works to find someone he realizes that it won’t be easy as the only woman in the group is an old woman. Dani soon remedies the situation by  signing him up on a dating app. Felix is of course hesitant as he has never used such a thing but curiosity gets the best of him.

Oscar is in love with his girlfriend Charlotte and asks her to keep a toothbrush in his bathroom. He doesn’t think much of it but is offended when she leaves without doing it. Oscar decides to help Felix and sets him up on a date which Felix ruins by being Felix. He then shacks up with the bartender and they have a fantastic one night stand.  Oscar tells him not feed her, as she will only stay longer. Felix ever the gentleman invites her to breakfast and thus begins a long drawn out time with this woman.

Now this Bartender whose named Natasha is a handful and Felix really begins to lose it. She is certainly not the type of woman Felix would usually entertain but they do have fun nights. While she is around Charlotte soon accepts Oscar’s idea because they both want it. But soon enough she asks for too much and it frightens Oscar. It is true that relationships work like this, one moment the guy is totally okay with it all and in a moment something can change everything. Oscar really does love Charlotte so it makes sense that he is rather shaken up when his idea works so well.

Felix runs after Oscar and they adjourn to the bar. Having a few drinks Felix asks about how to dump Natasha. Oscar after talking to his friends realizes he really needs to talk to Charlotte. Oscar is shocking himself with his attitude as he was always a master of one night stands and is now really in something he couldn’t be happier about.

In the end Felix is finally able to get the bartender to leave as she really was ready to leave right after their first night. Oscar ends up giving a whole shelf in his cabinet to Charlotte showing he really is in this for the long haul. It is good to see growth in shows as it makes shows all the more satisfying. Felix has gotten over Emily enough to date and Oscar is really growing up. Curious to see what else is going to happen on this show. Will Oscar ask Charlotte to move in with him? Will Felix keep dating or will he win over Emily once more? Only time will tell, as it were I am excited for next week’s episode.

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