We Review the Latest Episode of The Odd Couple SN03 EP09 – ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’

Oscar and his lady love Charlotte are coming home from a rousing performance of Henry the Fourth. Oscar an uncultured oaf does not enjoy the theater and even fell asleep during the show.

Heading home Felix is soon taking Oscar’s place. Oscar and Charlotte soon end up spending many nights together seeing all of the artistic endeavors they can. This certainly is going to lead down a messy path.

Felix is certainly someone who falls hard especially when it is someone he is obviously so compatible with.

Emily meanwhile has gotten a big order for her jewelry and enlists the gang. She soon becomes a demon and causes them a lot of trouble. Oscar soon realizes with the help of his friends that Oscar needs to at least endure what Charlotte enjoys.

He goes to the Opera and as the Opera performance is about a similar situation, Felix reveals he is falling for Charlotte. He soon runs out leaving them curious where he could be.

Oscar is rude and decides he shouldn’t go get Felix. Charlotte is upset with him and leaves.

After scaring everyone off the gang returns to the bar with 100 completed necklaces. Though they were not completed and Emily is upset once again even after she thanks them profusely.

Oscar goes to get Felix and Charlotte comes on her own. They soon make up and take Felix home. Looks like Felix is ready to date again and that Oscar and Charlotte’s relationship is stronger than ever.

Glad to see everything work itself out. Though I do hope Felix and Emily end up together in the end.

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