We Review The Latest Episode of The Magicians SN02 EP11 – ‘The Rattening’

In this episode of The Magicians, it looks like our characters Quentin (Jason Ralph) and Julia (Stella Maeve) are on a dragon hunt. They find that the only way to get into the Dragon’s (Ingrid Oliver) lair is with a baby tooth. After suggesting that they steal teeth from kids, Quentin reveals he has one baby tooth left, entering the lair. The Dragon requires the Button to Fillory in return for an entrance to the Underworld. The dragon is very well designed and as per usual in this show, is a devilish creature with a potty mouth. This really is cool as this show doesn’t always go so magical, letting the magic come as it will. Though I wonder what will happen since they can’t return to Fillory now.
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Riding down an elevator to the Underworld, they wind up in a lobby where they humorously need to take a number. While this actually isn’t hell, it looks like they might have to wait a while, at least Julia seems to know somewhere they can go. It will be interesting to see where she actually leads them. Penny (Arjun Gupta) is relearning magic when he learns he has to be supervised by a young lady named Sylvia (Roan Curtis). Of course neither is happy about this. Eliot (Hale Appleman) is enjoying his new husband King Idrie (Leonard Roberts). As his husband blindfolds him, expecting something more, he learns his husband has turned into a rat. Suffice it to say he is not pleased. Definitely not how a wedding night should go that is for sure.
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With everyone turning into a rat, Eliot is at a loss. Kady (Jade Tailor) and Penny are having a wonderful time, and Penny has a new job which is finding the librarian’s book. Kady has discovered that Reynard (Mackenzie Astin) is helping out his son and is even in press photos. This God certainly isn’t going down without a fight. Julia and Quentin travel to a bowling alley and find Julia’s old friends including Richard (Mackenzie Astin) whose body is now possessed by Reynard above ground. They find that Hades and Persephone are in charge of things. Richard knows that they are working with a dragon.
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Margot (Summer Bishil) asks the Fairy where Fenn (Brittany Curran) is and why the kingdom is becoming rats. The Fairies have spirited Fenn away, and it looks like they need to face an even more dangerous foe. Julia and Quentin find that her shade is in Elysium or the home of Hades and Persephone. Renard’s son John (Christopher Gorham) uses his God powers to win a vote feeling truly powerful. He even uses it on his wife which happens to upset him as he never intended to use his powers on her. It is rather similar to King Midas feeling terrible after using his power on his wife.  Quentin and Julia go to an orphanage for Shades in Elysium. Talking to a shade, they soon learn that Persephone is the lady that Julia was looking for with her friends. This is truly shocking to Julia as if she had shown up in the first place Reynard would never have been let free to do the terrible things he has done.
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The world of Fillory is under a magical attack and chaos is reigning. Eliot reveals he has put truth serum in the wine and begins learning the truth. Margot tells the truth that she made a deal with the Fairies. Of course, this shocks Eliot, who honestly has no idea what to do. Penny learns the Head Librarian‘s (Mageina Tovah) name which happens to be Zelda from Sylvia and finds out she is under protection. Margot is taken to the dungeon because Eliot doesn’t know what else to do. Julia sees a closet open and is surprised of what she sees. When Alice’s Shade appears Julia is right to be shocked. Quentin comes in with Julia’s shade and is overjoyed to see Alice’s shade. They talk, and it is clear that even just his talking with the shade shows his love for Alice.
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John finds that his father has controlled everything in his life. It turns out Reynard is actually in love with Persephone which makes sense as that is why he appeared in the first place. Since he assumed she’d come when called, he would of course head to the same location. Eliot casts some magic and turns a rat back into a man. Interestingly enough it is one of their friends from Earth, who has been working as the court’s cook. Josh (Trevor Einhorn) invents democracy, and in a flash, Eliot is kicked from Fillory for destroying the Monarchy. Eliot wants nothing more than to return to his new home, and I have to wonder how he will do it. Kady and Penny are talking when suddenly Sylvia appears. Sylvia reveals that she is a mob boss’s daughter who knows more about the poison room. Kady knowing that Sylvia will help them insists Penny agree. Penny might hate it, but he needs to work with her.
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John goes to see Kady because he wants to kill Reynard too. Margot is given a potion which will teleport her to the Fairy Realm. Quentin learns he can’t bring Alice’s shade back and Julia sees that he does truly love Alice. She sacrifices her chance to regain her shade so Alice can come back for Quentin. Clearly, she loves him, but if he loves Alice, she knows she shouldn’t stand in the way of it.
Next week’s episode is sure also to be something amazing as Alice is going to come back in her human form. See what The Ramifications of all these problems are when the next episodes air and watch the promo below!

The Good
  • In an episode where people are turned into rats, it is clear chaos reigns. Amid this panic Eliot is kicked from Fillory leading to a quest for him. Seeing the Underworld as they showed it was also cool. Great that Alice will be able to come back.
The Bad
  • Sad to see Eliot at a loss and Julia's heart breaking knowing that her best friend loves another.
4.5 Superb

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