We Review The Latest Episode of The Magicians SN02 EP10-‘The Girl Who Told Time’

This episode of The Magicians begins with a different world where things have gone differently. Julia(Stella Maeve) is going to school at Brakebills and is talking to Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy). She is apparently in a class of Magicians called the Knowledge. Julia is trapped in a cell and is finally set free by the Dean as she is not a student. It is really cool seeing two worlds in the same few minutes that with one small difference change everything.

Margot (Summer Bishil) hates seeing Eliot (Hale Appleman) like he is and is troubled by Quentin’s (Jason Ralph) drinking. He is going to have a royal wedding soon, and can’t understand why people hate him. Penny (Arjun Gupta) and Kady (Jade Tailor) are talking about what they need to do when it comes to Reynard the Fox (Mackenzie Astin). Penny goes to help her, and as they leave, he is transported to the Library of the Neitherlands where he is now an eternal slave/worker. Certainly going to be more trouble than its worth, I am sure.

Quentin goes to Earth on an errand and sees an old friend. He offers him a magical treat in a magical and drug sense of the word. He finds himself in a world where he meets his shade which is a twelve-year-old version of Julia. She has no idea where she is, but she really needs help. It looks like Quentin has a quest now, maybe this will help him out mentally.

Kady and Penny are in the library, and Kady attempts to look for information on God Killing but to no avail. Penny appears and tells her he needs help casting a spell as he has to look for someone who has not returned a book in ten years. Eliot goes to talk to Fen, and even though she seems okay with his marriage to another as it is allowed, she is suffering. Who wouldn’t be, as she realises she really will have to give up her baby to the fairies. Eliot is dealing with his new Earth cook and is troubled by the food for his wedding as he really needs people to like him.

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Julia and Quentin are looking for Julia’s shade and end up talking to another student who is high but happens to tell them something worth knowing. As they go to see Fogg, he tells them he has only known two people who have the ability to deal with Shades and one is Alice. They find out that she was from one of the 39 universes before this one and that her backstory is different. Julia knows a spell that could help but will it really?

Penny and Kady head to find the book and they end up going to a BuzzFeed parody called Fuzz Beat. Though this is actually a den of magic and that is really quite interesting. The woman gives back the book and tells Kady that there really is no knowledge the library doesn’t have. This is a good thing for Kady as clearly she was troubled by the lack of information.

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It turns out that Eliot’s killer is still out to kill him and this upsets Eliot. Eliot is angry that he didn’t execute this man, but they have someone within the castle which is part of the plan. Gotta love the Game of Thrones, Red Wedding joke. They track the Foo Fighters and find out where his base is. He tasks his cook with dropping the liquid spell into the pot for the wedding.

Going to the library, Penny asks for help, but the person he asks loses control of his body. Penny learns the man was hexed and was going to break into a poison room for banned books. There must be something about God killing in there. Meanwhile, Julia and Fogg cast the Tesla Flection, and Quentin is going to go into the tent they are casting on to talk to the other Alice.

The Foo Fighters are taken down by the magic and Josh is hailed as a hero. Margot lies to Eliot about Fen being okay and goes to talk to a fairy. She won’t give up her baby, and things are going to go wrong if she has to. Quentin talks to Alice who is overjoyed to see him, and she tells him about the shade. Quentin has to go to the underworld to meet Julia’s shade and meet a magical gatekeeper, though Alice hasn’t found one. The spell stops as Quentin tells the other Alice he will always love her no matter what.

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Penny and Kady go back to Fuzz Beat to talk to Harriet about her spell. They find that the place is defunct and find a card that holds the secret book code to killing gods. Quentin is troubled as he keeps seeing Alice’s face, and Julia wants to help. She tells him she has figured out who they need to find and it turns out, it’s a Dragon.


The Good
  • This episode really was fantastic. Seeing Alice back even from another timeline was fantastic and it was great seeing such a beautiful moment with her and Quentin.
The Bad
  • Alice is gone still, and things still aren't looking great for her return.
4.5 Superb

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