We Review the Latest Episode of The Magicians SN02 EP08 – ‘Word as Bond’

After the last episode of The Magicians, Julia (Stella Maeve) suffers a complication in the abortion of her demi-god child. Kady (Jade Tailor) isn’t sure how this will affect her, and it is clear Quentin (Jason Ralph) is troubled. She wakes up suddenly and seems totally alright. Though she clearly isn’t for whatever reason.

Quentin and Alice’s (Olivia Taylor-Dudley) Niffin perform a word as a bond to allow her to take over Quentin’s body. Eliot’s (Hale Appleman) life was taken, and now they must enchant him back to life. Margot (Summer  Bishil) tells Quentin to go see Julia and that she will keep in touch. It is actually a touching moment for Margot and Quentin.

Julia escapes from the house by disenchanting the wards and soon is set upon by Reynard. Quentin follows her and saves her with the power of the button, taking her to Fillory. Though Julia is certainly not happy and it looks like Margot isn’t either. Quentin returns home, and Alice’s niffin takes over. Julia helps Margot in her new problem which involves evil trees by suggesting she talk to the Dryad. Margot reluctantly takes her along. Alice lets go of Quentin’s body, and he learns she is trying to heal her Niffin issue. Quentin is shocked but clearly happy that she might be able to come back to him.

SN02 EP08 Word as Bond

At the magic library, Penny (Arjun Gupta) goes to find a book and is almost roped into being a magical slave to the library in exchange for help. Quentin and Kady are trying to figure out what Julia found out, but Penny interrupts them. Quentin and Penny are a troubling pair as Quentin leaks and Penny hears all his thoughts. Penny might act like he doesn’t care, but he does even it is just a little. It looks like he and Kady might be keeping it professional even though this probably won’t last.

Margot and Julia go to see the Dryad but are rebuffed. Julia clearly won’t take no for an answer as something has changed in her. Quentin is trying to help find the demi-god that was left on Earth, and talks with Alice for help. After bargaining, she tells him what he needs to know, and it looks like things are going in the right direction.

SN02 EP08 Word as Bond

Photo by: Eike Schroter/Syfy

Margot returns to the palace and nearly breaks down as she pleads for Eliot to return to the corporeal world. Using a magic viewfinder, Quentin, Penny, and Kady see the being they need to track down but find his adoptive father’s face has been scratched out. Looks like its back to square one. Assuring him that he won’t be thrown in the dungeon, Julia asks a Lorian for an invisibility spell. He consents as she tells him her only allegiance is to herself and can now not be seen by gods. Giving the dryad, she spoke to a gift she is let into the forest. She unleashes a blaze burning it to smithereens. Alice’s Niffin goes to find help and is beset upon by an awful creature. Quentin wakes up and is troubled by the sight of the wounded child immortal.

Julia goes to Margot and tells her what she did. Julia is promptly thrown in the dungeon. Quentin wants to save Alice and breaks down as he can’t help anyone. She calls him a failure and takes over his body once more. Penny finds Kady drinking to ease her pain. She doesn’t want his help, and she tells him to back off because she isn’t his problem. Though these two seriously are an amazing match.

Quentin wakes up in Ireland, and he is troubled by the fact that she took him so far. He soon heads back to where she played and finds she has summoned John the Friar. This man is long since gone, but his magic power is legendary. He won’t help her until she breaks free from Quentin. Quentin’s body is also going to break if he doesn’t free Alice. It looks like Alice is really stuck between a rock and a hard place.

SN02 EP08 Word as Bond

It looks like Eliot won’t be coming back when the spell seemingly fails. Margot promises to Fen that she will help save Fillory. The final enchantment works, and Eliot comes back to his body. Penny finds the name of the kid, as he signed on to be the library’s slave. Kady tells him he shouldn’t have done it for her, and he finally admits he loves her. This proclamation of love causes her calm down as she is happy to hear it. Quentin comes in and knocking him out Penny heads into his mind. There he finds Alice and when he leaves he and Kady have so many questions, questions which won’t be answered till next episode.

 SN02 EP08 Word as Bond

Photo by: Eike Schroter/Syfy

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The Good
  • Quentin is in trouble and only Penny and Kady can save him. Julia has gone off the deep end and is clearly dangerous. This episode set up what is certain to be a strong attack on Loria too! Penny finally told Kady he loved her.
The Bad
  • Alice still is a niffin and Quentin is stuck in his quest to free her.
4 Great

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