We Review the Latest Episode of The Magicians SN02 EP05 – ‘Cheat Day’

The Magicians is back again for the fifth episode of the system. Penny (Arjun Gupta) finally has his hands back.  They don’t work like they need to but Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy) tells him he can find help. Penny finds Dean Fogg has sent Quentin (Jason Ralph) away. Quentin is now working in an office. He attempts to use magic and soon thinks people are talking about him doing so. Penny ends up back in Mayakovsky’s home from season 1 and is sucked up to the ceiling. Clearly, he isn’t going to have the easiest time with this teacher just like last time. Julia (Stella Maeve) and Kady (Jade Tailor) are working together. After retching, multiple times Julia finds she is pregnant. The real bad thing is this baby could be Reynard‘s (Mackenzie Astin).

Season 2 - Cheat Day

Eliot (Hale Appleman) and his wife are going to have a baby, and it is announced by a talking rabbit. Quentin is among fellow wizards who have given up magic. Definitely not the most exciting life for someone who has experienced so many cool things. Meanwhile, Eliot is almost assassinated by an angry man after showing emotion. Quentin is having trouble in this magic-less world. Penny’s upset that he can’t take people with him when he teleports. It turns out he has to do a lot of work to get help.

Season 2 -Cheat Day

Julia begs them to give her an abortion, and they finally concede. Eliot and Margot (Summer Bishil) have to deal with the insurgent, are they up to the task? While Penny works for Mayakovsky’s, Quentin makes friends with a co-worker. Quentin and Penny get drunk as Julia and Kady have a heart to heart. It is nice to see characters living and doing their own things apart from others. Quentin and his new friend talk about their pasts and troubles. They hit it off and end up at her place. Apparently, drinking helps because Quentin’s heartbroken after losing Alice.

Eliot has accepted he needs to kill the attacker himself. Mayaskovksy tells Penny that magic may be going away. He says he has locked away because of his conduct at Brakebills. He also tells Penny he needs him to fetch something from Fillory. Quentin’s new friend has a spell that changes him into who she loved most. Once her turn is done, she turns into Alice for him. His love for Alice is real, and he kisses her. Hope that Alice comes back to help Quentin feel whole again unless this works.

Season 2 - Cheat Day

Quentin decides to leave the woman as what they did make him even sadder. Eliot decides they won’t kill the prisoner and this angers Margot. Julia tries to go through the abortion, but Reynard has other plans. Her doctor ends up killing herself, not something you want to have happened. This is really a rather gruesome scene which is good for an episode filled with mundanity. Quentin sends an email to Alice’s parents telling them she is dead. Once he sends it, he sees Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) who tells him to help her. It looks like if there is a will, there may just be a way.

You can watch the promo for next week’s episode SN02 EP06-”The Cock Barrens” Below


Magicians airs at 9 pm on Syfy every Wednesday

The Good
  • Penny and Mayakovsky are a great pair as they clash. Eliot is working to make his kingdom better and is learning. Quentin sees Alice, and is hopefully pushed to help her in any way he can. Magic is dying, so things are about to heat up.
The Bad
  • Quentin's in a mundane world, Alice is still gone, Quentin is totally devastated and sleeps with an awful woman.
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