We Review the Latest Episode of The Magicians SN02 EP04 – ‘The Flying Forest’

After the fantastic third episode of The Magicians, the fourth episode is upon us. After Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) had lost herself do to magic overuse, The Beast (Charles Mesure) was finally destroyed. Quentin (Jason Ralph) after having arm taken off is given a new wooden shoulder and forced to go through five surgeries. Eliot (Hale Appleman) and Margot (Summer Bishil) are troubled by the news of rebellion. Eliot doesn’t want to be king and Margot wants to help him. She leaves him to go on a quest much to his chagrin.

Julia (Stella Maeve) finds Kady (Jade Tailor), a character who was important in the first season. Great to see she isn’t dead like Marina (Kacey Rohl). Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy) has lost control of his magic and went for help. This man truly is someone not to be trifled with, and it ‘s nice to see him becoming more important. Penny (Arjun Gupta) somehow makes home and finds Margot who tells him what happened after he vanished. She tells him Alice died and he disappears. Margot comes back and says they will make a second Eliot, so he doesn’t have to rule Fillory. This can’t possibly turn out bad. Kady was in a magical methadone clinic, and thanks to Julia for saving her life. Julia reveals Marina’s frozen corpse, and they learn she has left them a little help.

Season 2 Episode 4

Quentin wakes up after three weeks and finds that his friends left him something. They buried Alice but left him a box of her things. Of course, he is devastated.Penny comes to get help and gets right into it with Quentin. Penny learns that his curse was from the river watcher and no surgeon will help him. Julia and Kady perform magic, and she goes to get the book. She goes to what used to be Eliot’s dorm kingdom as he is usurped. Quite funny that he cares more for a dorm then for a real other-world. Sitting alone, Quentin sees a white woman with horns who happens to be a magical being. The nurse paints skin on Quentin’s wooden shoulder to ease his trouble.Penny goes to Quentin for help and has him chop off his hands. Eliot meets a man named Javier, and he has relations with him, his doppelganger has relations with his wife.

Quentin works to get better as Julia copies the book. Penny helps him out, and he can shoot the arrow successfully. It ‘s nice to see these two as frenemies working to achieve together than to see them fight. Quentin asks Penny to go with him to find the White Lady. A Quentin and Penny quest, very interesting. Penny and Quentin walk through the Flying Forest and get high from its energy. Seeing them act so loopy is hilarious. Eliot goes to ask the Headmaster for help. He agrees to bring in the best minds to help him if his thesis is about saving a whole goddamn kingdom.

Season 2 Episode 4

Our high as a kite duo travel through the woods looking for the White Lady. Margot yells at Julia for being in the dorm and the trouble she called. Though realising Reynard needs to be stopped, she gives her the mating book to copy the book quickly. Meanwhile, leaving the Flying Forest Quentin nearly gives up, but Penny helps him. Margot and Eliot make a huge statue in Alice’s honour.Kady and Julia use a little necromancy to bring Marina back. Despite her terrible nature, she can help. Telling her what she knows she dies once more. Poor Marina, killed by such a terrible demon, she didn’t deserve that.

Quentin and Penny find a clearing and Quentin shoots an arrow at the White Lady. The White Lady is one snarky woman. She can’t bring Alice back which troubles him. Using her magic, she helps Penny by giving back his hands. They grow back, and it hurts so much she silences him until it is done. Quentin is upset and speaks from the heart, and he just wants to go home and be happy. He ends up back in New York and doesn’t look at all happy. She was right nothing will ever soothe his damaged soul. All in all a solid episode that really shook things up. Quentin is now home, away from Fillory, he knows he will never forget Alice but is going to try to live. No doubt, he will return to the magical world and be a part of the group soon enough.

You can watch the promo for next week’s episode “Cheat Day” below 

The Magicians airs Wednesday’s at 9/8c on Syfy

The Good
  • Quentin and Penny's quest is hilarious and real. Always fun seeing characters go through changes. The White Lady wasn't and totally was I expected her to be. Quentin making a wish to leave Fillory was a touch shocking but overly so, he did just lose the love of his life.
The Bad
  • Alice is still gone. Quentin has lost sight of the power of magic and how it has always been part of his life through fantasy.
5 Essential

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