We Review The Latest Episode of The Magicians SN02 EP03 – ‘Divine Elimination’

The third episode of The Magicians is here, and it looks like a battle is afoot.The gang arrive back in Fillory and are finally able to sit on their thrones. Eliot (Hale Appleman) loses his mind as he sits down on the throne because of the curse The Beast (Charles Mesure) put on the palace. Really quite interesting to see a character change in an instant. The group minus Margot (Summer Bishil) who goes to talk to Eliot are talking. Alice (Olvia Taylor Dudley) and Quentin (Jason Ralph) sit down on their thrones and say they have to kill Eliot. Penny (Arjun Gupta) is dumbfounded especially when Alice says she is going to kill Margot and then Quentin. Penny goes to talk to Margot and learns she is planning regicide as well.

Julia brings her new frenemy to her magic safe.  Eliot is insane and trying to find a blade. Penny teams up with Eliot’s new wife to seek to figure out how to stop the curse.As they work to summon Reynard, the Beast teleports him and Julia (Stella Maeve) away. Upset she walks back to take him down, though he doesn’t show. Penny stops Margot from killing Quentin by summoning their demon to counteract her own. As they go to a safe place, Julia learns Reynard (Garcelle Beauvais) is going to follow Marina home to kill her.

Season 2 Episode 3

Reynard and Marina(Kacey Rohl) are alone when The Beast and Julia come to save her. Penny has a plan to save the day, but his own curse makes him drop his crossbow. They kill themselves with the Potassium Chlorate Penny brought. Good thing the curse seems to have made them stupid, as he is going to complete his plan. Marina is unfazed by Reynard who believes he is terrifying. Reynard turns her car inside out and bites off Marina’s finger. He is certainly beyond evil. Meanwhile the heroes, finally, all revived, the curse is broken, and Alice is going to take out the Beast. They use a shield charm to protect themselves.

Reynard is planning to eat Marina slowly. He even manages to bite off a finger down to the knuckle. This show really doesn’t pull any punches in making itself spectacular. The Beast and Julia are able to enter the room in time, and The Beast freezes Reynard.Penny is going to bring the beast in and Quentin is the only one with his demon left.  Alice charges the Rhineman Ultra as Penny brings the Beast and Julia along with. The blast only severely damaged his arm as he vanishes. Penny takes Julia away, and since he won’t help her, she removes his chains. His body without his control begins to freak out.

Season 2 Episode 3

Alice and Quentin decide to head out to kill The Beast and send Margot and Eliot away. Quentin ends up trapping her in away because he wants her back. They make up, and he kisses her, they hold hands and are happy. The Beast aiming to heal himself finds the gang’s godly friend has literally shit in the healing spring. The Beast calls out Quentin and Alice who watch the whole scene. Quentin takes a hit for Alice, and she sends The Beast back. The goat god comes back and instead of helping Margot and Eliot sends them to see the fight brewing. Alice deftly dodges the Beast’s attack and sends him farther back. She begins to activate the Rhineman Ultra and can’t stop it, soon she bursts into blue flame and is gone as she can’t control it. She reappears again, a true magic being and tears the Beast open. She turns her sights on Quentin. Margot and Eliot take her attention away from Quentin.

Quentin summons his demon, and it explodes in a bright light. Hopefully, Alice is alright in the end. Julia finds Marina dead at the hands of Reynard.Quentin crawls towards Alice even though he is close to death himself. Alice is dead, and Quentin is beyond upset. It looks like we are in for another great episode next week.

You can watch the promo for next week’s episode “The Flying Forrest” below

The Magicians airs Wednesday’s at 9/8c on Syfy

The Good
  • The Beast is finally taken care of, ending this arc of taking him down. They did a great job with the effects during the fight and even with the killing of Marina. The heroes are severely shaken up as it was foretold and this will change them. Pretty funny to know that the shit really hit the fan for The Beast.
The Bad
  • Marina and Alice are dead, though in a magical world things aren't always as they seem.
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