We Review the Latest Episode of The Magicians SN02 EP02 – ‘Hotel Spa Potions’

It is time for the second episode of this season of The Magicians, and it looks to be a good one.The heroes minus Eliot (Hale Appleman) are searching for a cottage. Eliot is troubled by the power of being a king. There isn’t any good drink, and his people are starving. Julia (Stella Maeve) and the beast are getting along decently. Though he wants to bring in another mage and enjoys singing a little too much.

Season 2

The heroes finally return home to Chatswin Academy. The Headmaster wants these young Magicians to be taught battle magic. Of course, Julia‘s rival is going to assist the pair in finding her demon foe. Her foe is not pleased to see her and leaves after spouting off at them. It turns out that since The Beast(Charles Mesure) stole the magic, the land needs to be actually farmed which no one knows how to do.It is good that Eliot grew up on a farm and can help.

Quentin (Jason Ralph) and co look through the library to find the book of battle magic. The group split up and use different methods to locate the book. They happen upon a book called Hotel Spa Potions which holds a secret, a riddle.

Season 2

Eliot would rather sleep with a man but his new wife overpowers him, and he concedes defeat. Meanwhile, The Beast tries to convince Julia to work with Marina (Kacey Rohl), but she promises to cut off his non-essential parts if he doesn’t back off. The group is off to Rhode Island to find out about the riddle. Marina has stolen into the academy scared about what has happened. Alice (Olivia TaylorDudley), Quentin, and the Headmaster, head to see the pixie to get the battle magic book. She won’t give them the magic unless they convince her.

Eliot is troubled that the farmers have no idea what fertilizer is.  The Headmaster and the pixie are too flirty, but the Headmaster tells her to knock it off. She concedes and gives Alice the Rhineman Ultra which will kill anyone within 20 feet of the blast.

Season 2

Alice is working on the spell, and it is taking too long. The Headmaster tells her others to0, have secrets. Penny (Arjun Gupta) is being helped by one of the teachers, and he tells her he’d love to help her in return. Penny is rebuffed for now, but she clearly is keen to have him repay her when he graduates. These teachers are certainly not normal.

Quentin and Julia meet up, and he tells her they are going to kill the beast and that she needs to stay away. She threatens him that she will off him if he kills the beast before she gets to Reynard the Fox. Julia and Quentin‘s friendship was once so deep that it is sad to see them fight but it is part of what makes their friendship great.

Season 2

Penny‘s hands finally work again. The heroes get drunk while having a magic tattoo, tattooed on their bodies. They are given cacodemons which are magma beasts. They burrow into the mark and are ready to use. Rather disgusting but still cool. I wonder how these demons are going to fight back the beast, though.

The crops are finally growing as the group returns to see Eliot. Marina goes back to see Julia hating the beast as she does. These two are so different yet both so similar in their natures. It’ll be good to see them work together again.

Season 2

It looks like next week may just have a huge battle between Alice and The Beast. Either way, I am excited for “Divine Elimination.”

The Good
  • A solid episode, one where our heroes really were tasked with something they had to deal with. Good to see that they have figured out what they need to do to stop the beast. Exciting set up for the next episode.
The Bad
  • Things do seem a little too easy, but that's probably just me.
4 Great

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