We Review the Latest Episode of The Magicians SN02 EP01 – ‘Knight of Crowns’

The critical darling The Magicians is back. After getting sent to Fillory and seemingly losing all his friends Quentin (Jason Ralph) is on the run. He has no idea what is going to happen to him and enlists the help of a witch. Soon enough though Alice (Olivia Taylor-Dudley) appears with tears in her eyes and tells him, they were looking for him. Looks like he hasn’t lost his friends after all.

The Magicians Season 2

Quentin and his friends go on a quest to find their crowns as they have officially been named the High Kings and Queens of Fillory. Though first things first, Penny (Arjun Gupta) needs to get his hands back. He soon finds a man with a magic spring played by J.P. Manoux. Penny accepts his help but when the healing is done the IMP expects payment. Penny being boorish as usual acts terribly and his hands are cursed. Though he does eventually go back and ask for forgiveness, it isn’t known if this IMP actually will help him.

They eventually get to the old man who has watched the crowns and are forced to answer trivia. The Knight asks them in a humorous twist questions relating to the nineties. They can’t answer the questions correctly, so Eliot (Hale Appleman) talks of Patrick Swayze, and through an unseen dance with Alice, he wins the right to the crowns. This certainly is a solid reference as Eliot quotes Swayze in Dirty Dancing. The four friends crown each other, with Quentin crowing Eliot first. Eliot then goes on to crown Alice and Margot and apologises to them both for the trouble he has caused them. Margot (Summer Bishil) wanting to apologise for what she did to Quentin crowns him. This is really a sweet seen through in through as there is real healing going on.

The Magicians Season 2

Amidst all of this, Julia (Stella Maeve) works with the Beast (Charles Mesure) to take down a trickster god. It is interesting watching Julia deal with the being who is clearly the biggest enemy of our heroes. This character is certainly someone who has been messed up from his past. He knows that Julia is troubled by the world but also that she is a powerful being if trained right. These two characters are certainly both damaged, and I can’t wait to see what they do together.

The episode ends with a moment of passion between Alice and Quentin after Quentin helps Alice cast a spell once more. These two characters really do care for each other, even with Alice saying, “We are not getting back together.”

Excited for next week’s episode “Hotel Spa Potions”.  With the Beast out and about it certainly is only natural that he will cross paths with the heroes soon enough.

The Good
  • A solid episode to kick off the second season. Good to see the character's have fixed things between them. All hail the Kings and Queens of Fillory! Excellent Dirty Dancing reference in this episode as well.
The Bad
  • Penny hasn't changed it seems
5 Essential

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