We Review the Latest Episode of Teen Wolf SN06 EP05 – “Radio Silence”

If you’re not up to speed with the previous episode Relics you can click on the link and catch up.

***** SPOILER ALERT *****

We see some of the people who went missing or are missing sitting in a dark and very quiet train station. Eerie much. When we see Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) looking around being curious as ever, because something spooky is going on and he is aware of that.

People are getting up in front of a tunnel while the sound of running horses is closing in. Stiles is in the way of the Ghost Riders and tries to get out of their way. Unfortunately he is not quick enough. He is getting pulled aside by Peter Hale (Ian Bohen). Peters reaction to finding out he saved Stiles was priceless. “It had to be you.” You can really feel the love between them.

Peter Hale saves Stiles Stilinski

The Ghost Riders are riding in and out of the train station delivering new people who were taken by them recently. After things calm down Peter and Stiles start talking. And slowly but surely Peter is starting to remember what happened in the three months he was gone. He wonders why nobody remembered him. Jeez, I think I know why. Because he is a bit of a jerk and up to no good. And he was locked away at Eichen House.

Peter tells Stiles that there is no escaping the Wild Hunt and that they are doomed to ride it out. He also points out that Beacon Hills has no train station. So the place where they are isn’t real. With that realisation Stiles is trying to escape by trying every door and exit possible. However Stiles is running in circles. After several attempts Stiles and Peter are figuring things out and see one person staring at them instead of staring blindly in front of them. With this person they figure out that there is a way out, through the tunnels the Ghost Riders come in and out.

In class Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) is distracted and sees a car about to be towed. Having no idea why she ran out of class to stop the car from being towed Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) goes after Lydia to see if she is okay.

Peter, Stiles and the guy are in another part of the station on a platform. They have found the portal where the Ghost Riders are entering the station. The guy thinks that the way out of there is through the portal. While the guy jumps on a horse exiting the train station with a Ghost Rider through the portal he is thrown off and incinerated.

Peter stopped Stiles from doing the same because he had a hunch that this might happen. Peter is loosing it because he is starting to fear that nobody will remember him and he that he won’t survive. Stiles however is confident that his friends will remember him and he won’t give up on finding a way out.

The intercom in the train station makes Stiles realise that there is a radio transmitter somewhere in the station and that he might get a signal out. Because Stiles turned something on the table a particular sound was made which alarmed Lydia, Scott and Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig). They are drawn to the jeep due to its radio transmitting.

Scott, Lydia and Malia breaking into the jeep

Due to the interruption on the radio the Ghost Riders come in to check out what is going on. Stiles is saved again by Peter which he explicitly tells Stiles.

After Lydia finds the paperwork to the car she goes to the Stilinski house to know more about the history of the car. She learns that the jeep has been stolen for several years. The Stilinskis are worried that Lydia might be loosing her mind. Lydia is excusing herself to get a grip on herself. Which leads to this iconic scene below. It warmed and broke my heart at the same time. So close and yet so far away.

Lydia and Stiles getting themselves together

Since the jeep being towed was just temporarily delayed the tower comes back to tow the jeep. Lydia and Scott try to convince him not to tow the jeep but are unsuccessful until Malia destroys the tow-truck. Malia to the rescue. She is such a hands on girl. She gets the job done.

The Ghost Riders are scaring the shit (I have no other words for it) out of people to get them to be docile again. The names on the timetable at the station are ringing a bell with Peter. Suddenly he wants to escape. He thinks he can since he is more than human. While Stiles makes a ruckus as to distract the Ghost Riders Peter is getting ready to jump on and hitch a ride with one of them. Before jumping on he finds Stiles’ key which he threw away earlier and takes them with him through the portal.

Peter survived the portal. Although survived is a big word; he is badly burned. He lets out a loud roar which is picked up by Malia and Scott. They go and look for the origin of the roar. The find the body. Malia says that she recognized the scent even through the BBQ. She is so subtle. I so like her unintentional humour. After Malia remembers her father and says his name the memories are also slowly coming back to Scott.

Stiles and Lydia talking to Stiles

Lydia and Scott go in the jeep with the keys Scott found on Peter and turn the ignition as to start the jeep. When they are about to give up on it they hear something on the radio. It is Stiles calling them. Cue the tears and the heartache. Stiles asks Lydia what he said to her last. “Remember that I love you.” Awwww… Yep. I am a big sucker for that sort of stuff. After all that emotional gooey Stiles said not to come look for him but look for Canaan instead, because he can’t be saved. Ouch. That was a dagger to the heart.

After all this excitement what will happen next. They remembered Stiles and talked to him. So what is the next step to get him and everybody back? Check out the trailer for the next episode to get a little hint.

The Good
  • * heart warming and breaking episode * Stiles' sarcasm
The Bad
  • * bit of a dark episode (colorwise)
4 Great

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