We Review the Latest Episode of Teen Wolf SN06 EP04 – “Relics”

I know it has been a while since the last review. Time moves a lot faster in the real world than in Beacon Hills. So you might need a little reminder what happened in “Sundowning” aka the previous episode.

If you are all caught up, I shall continue with the review of this episode. Fair warning spoilers are given as I review the show more detailed.

***** SPOILER ALERT *****

Why does it always seem like a good idea to roam around at night in the woods. What could go wrong right? Well when you are Melissa McCall (Melissa Ponzio), and lack experience, a lot. She almost got shot by Chris Argent (JR Bourne). After discussing whether to go home or to continue the hunt, they go on hunting together.

Melissa and Chris hunting at night

While in the woods (some awesome shots by the way of the nightly woods) they see were-coyote Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig) running around and it leaves Chris with no other choice than to wing Malia as to keep everybody save. Since Malia can’t be operated on in a normal operating room Melissa is digging the bullet out of Malia in the morgue, the operation room for the supernaturals of Beacon Hills. The surgery isn’t hurting Malia as much as it does hurt Chris, since Malia is holding Chris’ arm and squeezing it tight while Melissa is operating. I must say this was a very funny bit.

Malia being operated on by Melissa

As Stiles Stilinksi (Dylan O’Brien) and Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) are the combined brains of Scott McCalls (Tyler Posey) pack so is Mason Hewitt (Khylin Rhambo) for Liam Dunbar’s (Dylan Sprayberry) group. Mason has figured out how to predict a way to know when the Ghost Riders are coming; when the lightning strikes increase.

Meanwhile Lydia discovers that when people disappear they leave behind a relic (an object with a fixed association to the past); after finding one for a disappeared person. She wants to search the Stilinski’s household for such a relic of Stiles. Because he had to leave something behind and she hasn’t found it yet.

Lydia pulling wallpaper in the Stilinksi house

Lydia feels like there is something behind the wallpaper so she pulls a bit. But before she can discover more she is yelled at by Claudia Stilinski (Joey Honsa) for destroying the house and later by her mother. Her mother is trying hard to make Lydia see the error in her ways, that she might be confirmation bias about the whole situation.

While both the teams are working hard on keeping everyone save, they are taking the people who attended the party to the most secure place they can think of and that is Argent’s underground bunker. Chris is helping Malia with her blood lust, trying to keep her grounded and therefore human, by instructing her to keep everybody save in the bunker. Talk about  an unlikely pairing. Malia is trying so hard to stay human. It is funny at times, because she is so literal and somewhat blunt in what she says and does.

Unfortunately not all the people from the party are in the bunker. Some did not see the danger and wanted to play lacrosse instead so Liam and Scott need to play the game in order to keep them safe. Again what could go wrong? The lacrosse game isn’t going well for the team. They are loosing big time, due to Scott and company trying to keep everybody save and throwing their own team off-balance.

Ghost Riders at the game

The lacrosse players are acting more strangely than ever. The wild hunt is affecting people. This is an omen that the Ghost Riders are coming to the game. Some people in the stands can see the Ghost Riders and are trying to escape them. This can’t end well. While Scott and Liam are trying to protect the party goers they are disappearing right in front of them.

Lydia and her mother are trying to find out some information about Claudia and enlist Melissa for help. Melissa loves breaking the rules and shows the Martin family the medical records of Claudia Stilinski after a little protest. Talk about a bad influence on the youngsters breaking the rules, but she is one bad ass momma. They discover that Claudia did not have any children but she does have frontotemporal dementia and that she couldn’t have survived that long with it. Something strange is going on.

Malia and Chris were unsuccessful in keeping the party goers safe due to one stubborn kid breaking the seal and letting the Ghost Riders in the bunker. While trying to keep everyone safe Chris got hurt bad. Malia, Scott and Lydia are talking in the hospital about the fact that Stiles didn’t leave anything behind besides them. Lydia insists that they keep on looking because she feels that there is something that he left behind.

The gang in the hospital. Melissa holding Chris’ hand.

After the game Liam is made captain of the lacrosse team for his leadership while things went south during the game. Liam discusses with his group his plan to capture a Ghost Rider and learn more about them. Bold plan. At first Liam wants to go at it alone but his friends got his back. Liam’s pack has been formed.

Liam’s pack and a relic?

Check out the trailer for the next episode. Guess who’s back? Were has he been all the time?

The Good
  • * Awesome special effects * Funny Malia Tate * The blossoming relation of Chris and Melissa
The Bad
  • * Some annoying guest stars (not my favourite actors)
4 Great

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