We Review The Latest Episode of Sherlock SN04 EP02 – ‘The Lying Detective’


Wow, what an episode! I am going to go out on a limb and say it’s the best one yet! And that massive twist at the end just topped it all off. I didn’t want the episode to end. Right let’s crack on, but first here is a quick recap of episode 2.

SN04 EP01 – ‘Six Thatchers’

Sherlock is asked to investigate the mysterious death of a young man, which he solves quickly but, he is led into another mystery when a bust of Margaret Thatcher owned by the dead man’s father, is smashed. Further busts are smashed, and Sherlock discovers that the mystery is linked to Mary and her past as a government agent. A figure from her past is hell bent on revenge in the belief that Mary betrayed him, but it is discovered that the traitor was the secretary of a British parliamentary member. Mary is killed by the secretary when jumping in front of a bullet meant for Sherlock. John blames Sherlock for Mary’s death, and their relationship is fractured.

SN04 EP02 – ‘The Lying Detective’

Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and John (Martin Freeman) remain distant; John is still grieving after the death of his wife, Mary (Amanda Abbington). John is seeing a new therapist; he keeps to himself that he is hallucinating conversations with Mary. A prominent entrepreneur and philanthropist Culverton Smith (Toby Jones), gathers close colleagues, including his daughter, Faith, to confess that he is going to kill somebody. But before Smith does so he, forcibly subjects them to a medical serum that, inhibits memory causing them not to remember Smith’s confession, he is one creepy son of a bitch. Despite the serum, Faith can remember tiny fragments shortly afterwards and jots them down on a piece of paper.

Sherlock Season 4

Faith visits Sherlock, he has started using drugs again and is apparently suffering from the side effects, and on a downward spiral, she tells Sherlock there was one word- one name- that shook her. Sherlock dismisses her case as being too weird, but before she leaves, Sherlock realises that Faith is suicidal, he walks with her around London despite still being high as a kite. Big Bro Mycroft (Mark Gatiss) tracks sherlock’s significant movement across the city, he even calls John out of concern and accidentally slips up about another Holmes sibling, but then quickly covers his tracks. Sherlock decides to take Faith’s case; he suddenly is overcome by the side effects of his drug use, but when able to calm himself, he finds Faith gone. As he stumbles back to his flat Sherlock realises that the one word was “anyone.”


Sherlock becomes fixated and inexplicably obsessed with Smith. However, his drug crazed antics are starting to frighten Mrs Hudson (Una Stubbs), who then uses a weapon to subdue him, and races with an intoxicated and handcuffed Sherlock in the boot of her sexy red Aston Martin sports car to where John was having a session with his therapist. Sherlock suspects Smith of being a serial killer and asks John for his help to bring him down. To John’s shock and then annoyance, Mrs Hudson’s arrival with Sherlock, a car sent by Smith, and Molly Hooper (Louise Brealey) with an ambulance, were all prearranged to arrive at John’s therapist’s house at that exact time by Sherlock weeks prior before John had even chosen a new therapist.

Sherlock Season 4


Sherlock and John arrive at the studio to meet with Culverton Smith, where he is doing and ad for cereal, [I’m a cereal killer]. Smith takes them to visit the new hospital wing, which Smith was a major donor of named after him, he subtly hits to both Sherlock and John about being a serial killer while meeting with a group of children, which turned positivity creepy. Smith continues to give them a tour of the hospital and takes them, to his favourite room, the mortuary. Sherlock tries to get Smith to confess just as Faith arrives [summond by Sherlock via Smith’s phone to meet ] another sneaky tactic by Sherlock, but seeing her, he realises that the woman that came to his flat was not Faith. Sherlock is incredibly frustrated and somewhat Mentally unstable takes attempts to attack Smith with a scalpel, but John stops him and beats Sherlock, taking out his anger and grief on him.

Season 4

Sherlock gets admitted into Smith’s hospital; Smith visits him using a secret passageway, which he had built in the wing. Sherlock states that he wishes fro Smith to kill him despite not really wanting to die, Smith obliges after confessing to his murders. Unbeknownst to Smith, Sherlock is acting on the orders for Mary. Who asked him earlier, through a recorded video asking him to save John by putting himself in harm’s way, John won’t accept help, but it can’t refuse someone needing help, and in doing this, it will mend their broken friendship. John rushes to the hospital after seeing the video of Mary for himself. He arrives at the hospital in the nick of time, to pull Smith off Sherlock as he tries to suffocate him. Smith is arrogant and believes he will get away with as there is no proof of his confession, but Smith isn’t so smug when Sherlock reveals that a hidden device recorded the confession in John’s walking stick.

Sherlock Season 4

John prompted by Mary talks to Sherlock; he tells him that he no longer blames Sherlock for Mary’s death. He also confesses to the hallucinated Mary, that he had cheated on her, but only through text through text conversations with another woman, and if I remember correctly I said last week that I thought the lady at the bus stop could have been a plant? Or perhaps I could have just thought it. John sees his therapist and everything from that point got a little weirder. His therapist starts to reveal, that she was the one who pretended to be both Faith and the woman John cheated with, she reveals her true identity to be Eurus (Sian Brooke) (Greek for the east wind) and Sherlock’s and Mycroft’s secret sister. As John attempts to leave, she pulls a gun on him, then pulls the trigger WTF!?! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, and my poor little heart was pumping over time. What did you think of this weeks episode?

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The final Sherlock episode ‘The Final Problem’ airs Sunday 15th January 8:30pm on BBC

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