We Review The Latest Episode of Sherlock SN04 EP01 – ‘Six Thatchers’

Well, the first episode of Sherlock kicked off the series with a bang in more ways than one! It’s made my new year having the boys and Mary grace my big screen again; I have missed the banter and bickering. It’s been years since we seen Sherlock, John and Mary last, so I thought it best we have a recap of the last episode from season 3. Right, let’s get down to business.

Sherlock SN03 EP03 – ‘His Last Vow’

Sherlock investigates Charles Augustus Magnussen, a master blackmailer who knows the weakness of every prominent figure in the western world. In his pursuit of clues, Sherlock makes a discovery about Mary that threatens her future with John.

Sherlock Season 4

Sherlock SN04 EP01 – ‘Six Thatchers’

Mycroft (Mark Gatiss) briefs Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch)  on the new ‘official’ story of Charles Augustus Magnussen’s, who was killed by Sherlock. In true Sherlock form, bored with the briefing, despite the seriousness of the situation, Sherlock proceeds to ask the Secretary, Vivian Norbury, about ice-lollies much to Mycroft’s disbelief. John (Martin Freeman) and Mary Watson (Amanda Abbington) welcome the arrival of the baby girl, whom they name Rosamund. Sherlock has become obsessed with working out his archenemy Moriarty’s posthumous revenge; he has Mycroft and several Scotland Yard detectives including Greg Lestrade (Rupert Graves) assisting him in solving, seemingly trivial cases, in the hopes, it will lead them to a larger scheme.

Sherlock and Mycroft

One of the cases is when the son of a wealthy couple is found dead in a car wreck, despite him supposedly being on a gap year in Nepal. It doesn’t take Sherlock long to solve the case, but in doing so, he is lead into another mystery involving the smashing of a bust of Margaret Thatcher. With further statues smashed Sherlock encounters and fights the culprit, and discovers that the last bust contained a memory stick containing information about Mary and her past as a government agent. Someone from her past is hell bent on revenge; he believes that Mary betrayed him. Sherlock questions Mary, she explains that she and her colleagues were members of a freelance task force named ‘A.G.R.A ‘ (standing for the member’s names, Mary being ‘R’ for Rosamund her real name and ‘A’ her pursuer, whose name is Ajay).

Sherlock John and Mary

All members have a memory stick containing data one each other as insurance against one being able to betray the other. A failed rescue mission of members of the British embassy in Georgia under coup d’etat which was set off by the codeword ‘Ammo ‘ resulted in the embassy members dead and Mary fleeing. Mary knocks Sherlock out after informing him using a drugged letter and runs half way around the world. It doesn’t take long for Sherlock and John to track her down, having placed a tracking device on the memory stick. However Ajay has also followed their lead, he tells them the terrorists captured him but not before hiding his memory stick in one of the Thatchers busts, which he had intended to recover. Ajay had heard whispers of ‘Ammo ‘ and the ‘English woman ‘ being the reason for the mission failure, Ajay assumed the British woman to be Mary. Ajay attempted to kill the trio but was shot by the police.

Sherlock and Hound

Sherlock and Mycroft discuss the situation, Mycroft says he had previously hired ‘A.G.R.A ‘, but hasn’t since the failed mission and says he has no knowledge of ‘Ammo ‘. Sherlock work’s out that ‘Ammo ‘ is Amo, the Latin word for “I Love ” and calls Mycroft. Lady Smallwood (Lindsay Duncan) codename Love is a suspect and is interrogated by Mycroft. Sherlock pieces together the final part of the puzzle, when he recalls Mary saying the great thing about ‘Underlings’ bringing information but still being under everyone’s noses. He meets Vivian Norbury in the London Aquarium. She reveals that she had tipped off the terrorists on the rescue so that the hostages and ‘A.G.R.A ‘ could be wiped out. Her motive was to kill the British ambassador, who had found out Vivian was selling secrets and to achieve a ‘quiet life’. When Mary and the police arrive, Vivian pulls out a gun and shoots at Sherlock but, Mary dives in front of him and takes the bullet. John holds Mary as she is dying,  she tells him that she loved being ‘Mary Watson ‘ before she dies in his arms. Sherlock opens a parcel that contains a DVD; on it is a posthumous message from Mary. She instructs him to ‘Save John Watson ‘.
What a way to kick off the new series, can’t wait for the next episode! Check out the trailer for the next Sherlock episode below

Sherlock airs Sunday 8:30pm on BBC


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