We Review the Latest Episode of Shadowhunters SN02 EP08 – ‘Love Is a Devil’

On the last episode of Shadowhunters, things got a little steamy when Magnus (Harry Shum Jr) and Alec (Matthew Daddario) took their relationship to the next level. Meanwhile, Clary (Katherine McNamara) & Jace (Dominic Sherwood) got more than they bargained for when rescuing an angel. As for Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia), it looks as if she may have bitten off more than she can chew.


‘Love Is a Devil’

Shadowhunters Love Is a Devil

Encircled by a group of vampires, Isabelle finds herself in a situation her trust whip cannot fix. Realising the danger she’s put herself in by seeking out their venom in place of her yin fen; she changes her mind in favour of leaving. Leaving though is out of the question according to the group’s fearless blonde leader, at least until Raphael jumps in. Ordered by Raphael to stand down the group flees.

In a display of concern, that seems every bit the precursor to a new ship, Raphael catches a weakened Isabelle and takes note of her condition. Carrying her to the hood of a nearby car he lays her down. Familiar with yin fen’s effects he appeals to Isabelle that her best course of action is to sweat out what remains of the yin fen in her system. Unfortunately, Isabelle is convincing and talks Raphael into satiating her need to stop the pain, but it’s a one time deal.

Furious with Clary and Jace for having omitted the soul swords ability, Luke snaps during his stalk through Jade Wolf. Believing that Luke does not understand Clary and Jace offer up concise explanations, but it is too late for reason. With his sister, Cleophas, caught in Valentine’s clutches, Luke is distraught and on a mission to find whatever information he can to track down Valentine.

Shadowhunters LoveIsaDevil

Back at the Institute, Alec can sense that something is off with Isabelle who dismisses Jace and Clary’s claim of interacting with an angel. Preferring instead to ask how her brother’s first time went, Alec clams up but is saved by the emergence of their younger brother Max and mother Maryse. Informed that Max completed his last trial and that their father will not be able to return home for the ceremony, Alec, being the oldest male in the family present, is tasked with putting together the ceremony. Wounded by their father’s absence and their Mother’s clear refusal to apologise or attempt to right her past wrongs involving the rite of mourning and Jace, Isabelle storms off with Maryse hot on her heels. Left to their own devices, Alec learns from Max, that their parents have been fighting in Idris, and that their mother doesn’t approve of Alec’s warlock boyfriend. Curious to know his little brother’s opinion, we are treated to a heartwarming moment as Max shrugs and tells Alec point blank that he doesn’t care.

In a move inspired by his mother’s behaviour and brother’s understanding, Alec goes to Magnus’s apartment to deliver not only the news of Maryse’s return but to inquire if Magnus would be willing to throw a party. Magnus, at first excited by the prospect, nearly turns it down as Alec tells him it would be for Max’s rune ceremony. Given that Maryse detests Magnus, we can’t exactly blame him for wanting to avoid the drama. But when Alec explains that he wants to also use the ceremony as a way to show his mother that they are in a serious relationship which he has no intention of ending, Magnus is quickly brought on board.

From her perch on a park bench, Dr Iris Rouse watches Madzie play with her toys till Valentine sits down beside her. Although afraid, she does her best to put on a brave front only to find herself in a state of shock as he reveals that he’s Clary’s father, and puts into perspective for her how children make them uniquely vulnerable. Threatened by Valentine Dr Rouse agrees to do anything he wants so long as he doesn’t hurt Madzie. But from the sickening curl of Valentine’s lip, this seems like a bad idea in the making.

Shadowhunters Love Is a Devil

Wearing a hole in the cement path beside the river, Simon tries to give himself a pep talk. Taken aback by Clary’s intervention his pep talk turns to nervous rambles that leave Clary worried that Simon might not want to be friends with her anymore just because he’s seeing someone else. But, Simon poignantly tells her that’s just it, he isn’t interested in anyone except her because he loves her. Stolen by the moment, Clary curtails his further ramblings with a sweet kiss that soon turns to gentle laughter and a pair of smiles that it feels like we haven’t seen in ages.

In the Institute, Alec presents his mother with an invitation to Max’s Rune Ceremony Party. Set on a warpath over what sounds like tradition Maryse adds insult to injury, earning a swift rebuking from Alec over how ignorant traditions ought to change with the times and that if this event were really about family, she wouldn’t have tried to help hunt down Jace in the past. Left with no recourse to take Maryse gives in and thanks, Alec only to have her thanks brushed aside as he makes it clear that she needs to thank Magnus.

Shadowhunters Love Is a Devil

Perched atop a sofa on Magnus’s balcony Jace pours through books trying to ID the demon that he and Clary saw in the vision. What happens next is either a bad or suspect time for a cat to rub up against Jace as it destroys his brittle focus. On the scene in a flash, Magnus makes a note of the new cat, takes care of his others and finds himself entertaining an over protective Jace’s ire. Not sure what type of romantic relationship, be it serious or a fling, that his parabatai and the warlock are entangled in Jace makes it clear he won’t stand to see Alec hurt by anyone. That is something the pair have in common, which with a Maryse quip allows Magnus to bridge the gap between himself and Jace once more.

Laughing and holding hands Simon & Clary are left to wonder if anyone will notice their new couple status as they step through the front door of Magnus’s apartment. Swept into a world of rich Spanish tones and the beautiful sounds of a Mariachi band playing, we find Jace at the bar chatting up Maia and earning a long overdue but touching apology over miscast blame for Gretel’s death. The moment is short lived as Jace and Maia take notice of Clary and Simon’s budding romance. Jace, hurt himself over a love he can never have, takes it upon himself to point out Maia must’ve got the short end of the stick, except Maia told him to ask her, so there was no stick to be caught.

Met across the room by Jace, he congratulates the happy couple on their new status. Simon goes to fetch drinks leaving Jace and Clary to chat. In a rather sudden, but confusing turn of events, Clary watches Simon and Maia head away from the bar, out of the room. Clary, clearly fearing the worst, ignores Jace’s concern and excuses herself.

Shadowhunters Love Is a Devil

Side by side a fretting Magnus and Alec look over the room only to turn and greet the arrival of their guest of honour, and very important plus one: Max and Maryse. Offering a gesture of good faith perhaps, Maryse gifts Magnus a bottle of wine. But the warmth is short-lived as what Maryse thought was a party hewn from exotic tastes turns out to be a theme chosen in honour of her and her husband’s engagement in Barcelona. Realising he’s in some unexplainable way offended Maryse, who points out the difference in her son and Magnus’s backgrounds, Magnus offers to get Maryse and Max drinks and makes himself scarce.

From another room within Magnus’s apartment, Clary catches Maia and Simon kissing outside on the balcony. Vision blurred by tears, she storms off only to be caught by Simon who is confused by her accusation that he was in Maia’s arms. Weakly he comes to the defence that she kissed him and not the other way around, but Clary won’t hear it or his excuses that she’s just too different to understand what it’s like to be him. Storming off, Clary’s stopped on her exit by Magnus who reminds her that while they’ll get to the bottom of this, this party isn’t about her, it’s about the Alec, Izzy, and Max.

Wandering the Brooklyn streets, it Izzy jumps at the sound of Raphael. Not doing too well after her last fix of vampire venom and unwilling to let the symptoms of withdrawal show Isabelle tries to get Raphael to reconsider his prior stance on her venom fix having been a one time deal. Showing she’s willing to go to any length we look on with building concern as she presses a blood kissed finger to his lips and convinces Raphael to indulge for a minute.

Shadowhunters Love Is a Devil

Out on the balcony Max, Maryse, Alec, and Magnus are gathered, with the latter kindly bestowing a gift for the occasion on Max. Like every young boy, though he says thank you, his curious nature leads to him asking about Magnus’s warlock mark and further probing that Jace, who enters the scene points out isn’t exactly okay. In a moment that leaves our hearts aching for Jace, Max tells Jace that he can’t tell him what to do because they aren’t siblings; This, in turn, causes a verbally backhanded Jace and uncomfortable Magnus to both bow out while leaving Alec to set his mother straight.

Sequestered off in his room, Jace is confronted by Maryse who eases his bedroom door shut behind herself. Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst, Jace refuses to meet her gaze as she confirms Max’s words and his worst fears, that Maryse harbours no love for his as she attacks Jace. Pushed onto the defensive Jace narrowly dodges a throwing axe, disarms Maryse of her small knife, and knocks her out cold.

Escorted by Raphael to Magnus’s apartment building, he shares a personal story of how it was Magnus who helped him get his similar addiction issue under control, all the while asking her to leave town after her mom departs. For a moment, it almost looks like Isabelle is finally connecting the dots, involving Magnus’s prying about her yin fen interest, and finding a kindred spirit in Raphael, but never one to keep away from the fun for too long she hurries off inside. Met by an apologetic Clary once inside, Isabelle is struck by a modicum of guilt as Clary’s request involving someone acting off hits a little too close to home. Quick to flee the situation she presumes is about her Isabelle goes off in search of Max & Maryse.

But a presumption turns from bad to worse as Clary and Isabelle part ways leaving Clary’s attention focused on the corner of the room where Maia and Simon just so happen to be getting their flirt on. Not about to let Clary storm off and cause a spectacle Magnus intervenes. Unfortunately little can stand between a girl and her boyfriend’s romantic affair. Shouting about how she refuses to watch them be intimate out in the open, Magnus is all too confused as he turns to follow her gaze and sees only Raj and Simon talking.

Shadowhunters Love Is a Devil

Within the loft, Isabelle runs into a high-strung Jace who reveals a startling truth, that Maryse attempted to kill him. In a state of disbelief, Isabelle follows Jace into his bedroom, but not without catching Magnus’s attention. Realising that Clary has been hallucinating, Magnus tells her to stay put and excuses himself. Unwilling to be told what to do Clary heads for the door only to run into Alec who she, much to our viewing horror and confusion, rails on. Blaming him for Jocelyn’s death, Alec in a state far beyond shock whirls away, leaving us only to wonder what in the world is going on?

Back in Jace’s room, Isabelle is worried. As her mother lays unconscious on the floor, she searches for answers, but Jace’s pointed finger about Maryse trying to kill her only goes so far as he points to the axe embedded in the bookshelf where seemingly there isn’t one. Magnus kneeling by Maryse uses magic to revive her, and the moment she’s on her feet Jace’s accusations abound. But with Maryse having come up to apologise to him and Jace hearing a death threat in place of her actual words, Magnus realises what is amiss: that someone is playing on their worst fears.Hearing Alec’s name called in a panic twice from outside all eyes turn towards the door.  Left with no time to explain the group rushes from the room.

Shadowhunters Love Is a Devil

On the rooftop ledge of Magnus’s building, Alec stares at the ground several stories below. Forced to look on in horror Clary attempts to talk him down from the ledge but all he hears are accusations of how he’s responsible for Jocelyn’s death, how he murdered her. Holding her hand out to him, she pleads for him to come down from the ledge only for Alec to step off and begin his free fall backwards. Caught by Magnus’s magic just in the nick of time, he is eased off the ledge and back onto the rooftop balcony where his body slumps against the cement half-wall. Rushing through the door not a moment later Isabelle and Jace look for answers, while Maryse and Simon follow up the rear. Where more is usually there merrier, though, the group breaks into vile accusations and petty fights. Ordering everyone to stay where they are Magnus hurries into his house and retrieves his spellbook to undo the calamity that awaits his rooftop return.

Fortunately, with a dash of magic and a firmly uttered cantrip, Magnus is able to strip away the magic that turned their fears into hallucinations. While quick apologies and concerns are uttered, most of which settles rightfully on Alec, Simon thinks to ask an important question. What happened? The real question as Magnus seems to say without saying as his spellbook disappears forcing him to put up his wards, is what warlock caused the problem in the first place.

Shadowhunters Love Is a Devil

Back inside, some time later, Magnus without needing Raj’s lip has scanned every last guest, but not a one has his spellbook on them. As Raj leaves, Clary wonders what might occur if Magnus doesn’t find his spellbook; Such, though, is not even fathomable, and as he works through the damage not finding it could wreak a startling realisation that sends him rushing into his bedroom occurs to him: the red-haired cat. With everyone looking through the room it doesn’t take long for all eyes to turn to the red comforter on the bed. In a mad scramble as the comforter is thrown back and Magnus slings a spell, the cat bolts. Transformed in the doorway, Dr Rouse appears and cast a spell of her own freezing all of the room’s occupants but Magnus who is not about to play games. Caught in a spell slinging duel in his living room bookcases smash and chunks of brick burst free till Dr Rouse is captured. Interrogated for information, she quickly gives up that Valentine wanted Magnus’s counterspells but that she doesn’t know why. Ordered to free his friends, the Shadowhunters rush into the room. By way of her blood oath, Dr Rouse tells Clary to find Madzie only to be cast mere seconds later by portal off to the Clave.

Returning once more to the Institute, Clary, Jace, Alec, Isabelle, and Maryse stands over Max as he receives his first rune. Afterwards, Jace and Clary acknowledge that Valentine is coming for her. Outside in the corridor, Clary apologises to Alec over what happened on the rooftop and makes certain that he knows she didn’t say any of those things.

Shadowhunters Love Is a Devil

Meanwhile, Jace determined to apologise to Maryse is quickly cut off as she tells him the fault lies with her for Max’s behaviour and giving Jace the impression she ever regretted taking him in. Through sniffles and choked laughs, the pair put the past behind them. But there is still one thing left to be addressed. Alec, wanting to know why their parents have been fighting about his relationship with Magnus, joins the pair. Tongue caught by an upset that cropped up throughout the episode every time their father was mentioned, Maryse is spared having to answer as Alec deduces the problem. Their father has been cheating on Maryse. Knowing that she cannot let her personal life affect her work, Maryse tells them to keep the issue a secret from Isabelle, and that she and Max will be leaving for Idris.

In the episode’s final minute, we catch a glimpse of Madzie and Valentine bonding over ice cream on a swing set in the park, leaving us to wonder just what he has in store for the small warlock child.

What are your thoughts on Shadowhunters episode 8? Was Alec’s on the ledge moment panic attack worthy? Or Magnus’s missing spellbook enough to leave you filled with dread? Feel free to let us know in the comments below and enjoy the sneak peek of episode 9.

The Good
  • Beautiful set design for Max's party, clearly evokes Spanish themes
  • Simon & Clary becoming an on screen couple in a way that felt natural and had a proper build up
  • The episode themes: Family & Fear
  • A real sense that Valentine is getting ready to make his move as he takes both Madzie and Magnus's spellbook.
5 Essential

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