We Review the Latest Episode of Shadowhunters SN02 EP07 – ‘How Are Thou Fallen’


Last week we received a proper dose of awkward yet heartwarming feels as Magnus (Harry Shum Jr)  & Alec (Matthew Daddario) took a step forward in their relationship only to be interrupted by Jace (Dominic Sherwood.) Meanwhile, at the Citadel, our greatest fears were confirmed as Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia) was refused entry and Clary (Katherine McNamara) learned what the soul sword is capable of; Question is can our quartet of Shadowhunters put their personal issues aside to put a halt to a disaster in the making?


‘How Are Thou Fallen’

Shadowhunters How Are Thou Fallen

Down the sidewalk, a hooded figure traipses before the scenery changes to a dimly lit graffiti covered room on the other side of the river. Inside Cleophas, who tosses back her hood, meets with Valentine to proclaim her allegiance to the Circle and sets off to prove it. In a separate room within the same building, Valentine talks to an old man, telling him to leave Clary alone. Bound in chains the old man says nothing.

Meanwhile, at the Institute, Clary hears a strange sound that no one else hears.

Portaling from Tokyo back into Magnus’s apartment Magnus & Alec converse over sushi, burgers, and much to Magnus’s surprise he receives a gift: A charm meant to grant the recipient protection and good fortune. Laughter from upstairs, however, spoils the moment till Magnus casually makes a comparison between Jace & Casanova, who he shared a room with once. Not to let Alec fret about the sound though Magnus magics on the stereo which resets their mood.

At the boat basin, things get a little awkward between Clary and Simon (Alberto Rosende) as he informs her that he’s going to go hang out with Maia. Aware that something’s up from Clary’s hesitance and askance looks Simon goes to press on the matter, but Clary is quick to brush it aside telling him that it’s nothing. Still, Simon asks one more time only for, with perfect timing, her cell phone to go off with a summons from the Institute.

Shadowhunters How Are Thou Fallen

On Magnus’s rooftop balcony, one of the fan favourite ships, Malec enjoy a make-out session that is much to their displeasure interrupted by a summons from the Institute. Duty bound Alec heads off to retrieve Jace who is entangled in the arms of a Fae woman. Irritated by Jace’s clear refusal to suit up when prompted, Alec and Jace have a row over Jace’s lack of forthrightness and odd behaviour.

Alec meets up with Clary at the Institute. Both are concerned over Jace, but their concern is forced to take a backseat as Isabelle fills them in on a few crucial facts: The Citadel has been breached, Magdalena is dead, and Cleophas is missing. As Alec heads off to check in with ops Clary comes to the realisation that Isabelle has been spying on her and blames Valentine’s purported actions on her. Add to it that she’s hurt over Clary keeping secrets when they’re supposed to be allies and we have a fallout in the making. Left feeling hurt Isabelle sneaks into Aldertree’s office to retrieve more yin fen only to find the box on the mantelpiece that houses its tin container is empty.

At the Hunter’s Moon, Magnus imparts some wisdom on Maia, while Maia inquires about the present Alec has given him. Come to find out Magnus isn’t used to receiving gifts, only orders, so the present holds special meaning to him. Isabelle stalks past him and halts beside the pool table on the far end of the room. Clearly going through withdrawals, she chats him up about obtaining a new supply of yin fen, only for Magnus to not so subtly threaten him to leave. Concerned about Isabelle’s sudden interest in yin fen, he probes her with questions only for her to attempt to curtail the subject by declaring that her interest lies only in following from Aldertree. Unconvinced Magnus offers her a word of advice involving a less than subtle name that book readers would be familiar with, Jem, and shares with her where she’d need to look to find the leader of a yin fen drug ring.

Shadowhunters How Are Thou Fallen

Walking through the boat basin headed for Jade Wolf, Clary and Luke discuss her rune ability and her concern over Valentine hurting Cleophas. Luke, however, knows better than to assume that his sister is the victim as she once was part of the circle. Regardless of Cleophas’s potential relationship with Valentine, Clary forces Luke to at least consider trying to get his sister back.

Simon shows up at the Hunter’s Moon two hours early for his date with Maia who is still working. Running into Isabelle at the bar, Simon is weirded out by her offer to feed on her, and as Isabelle laughs it off allowing Simon to write it off as a joke, one can’t help but wonder how serious Isabelle might’ve been.

Staggering in through the front door of the Jade Wolf, Clary is startled by the sight of a clearly injured Cleophas.

Offered a Bloody Mary, minus the Mary, Maia wipes the blood off Simon’s upper lip. Jace steps in with a series of witty lines, requests four tequila shots, and sarcastically tells Simon that he’s here for a book club; And by book club, he means four fey girls he’s been flirting with at the table behind Simon. Feeling sympathetic to Simon’s plight, Jace offers Simon advice on how to win the girl, which Simon initially turns down before taking it back and asking for his help.

Shadowhunters How Are Thou Fallen

Displeased with his sister’s appearance Luke dredges up Cleophas’s past grievances with him while Clary tries to get to the root of the problem. Lying through her teeth, Cleophas tells them that she knows where Valentine is and Clary wants to seize on the opportunity. Heading out into the kitchen Luke and Clary discuss what has been said and Clary is quick to point out that she knows Cleophas is lying because no one but Valentine calls her Clarissa. Neither though agrees on a course of action, while Clary knowing the potential harm Valentine can wreak with the soul sword, Luke doesn’t and instead decides that his sister is going to be turned over to the Clave.

Seated at the Hunter’s Moon bar Jace gives Simon a few pointers on how to win a girl over. Realising that it requires Simon not to be himself, Simon is ready to dismiss it when Jace uses a rune that allows him to appear as Simon. Flustered that Maia will mistake Jace for him, he watches in partial terror and shock as Jace snatches up his phone and quickly gets a girl at the bar to enter her number into his contact list.

Going through holographic maps of vampire dens, Isabelle is quick to dismiss the files when Alec enters and inquires what she’s doing. Concerned with her odd behaviour Isabelle dismisses it as being fatigued and segues to the message that Alec left her. Glancing regularly to either side of himself Alec and Isabelle lean over a half wall as he asks for advice on knowing when it’s the right time to take the next step in a relationship. Excited for her brother Isabelle both teases and imparts some sage advice to her older brother: Not to overthink it and instead listen to his heart.

Shadowhunters How Are Thou Fallen

Ready to mobilise the pack, Luke tells Clary its time only to find himself being tased and nearly knocked unconscious. Without a second thought, Clary and Cleophas make a break for it.

Done with work Maia takes a seat opposite Simon at a table on the far end of the Hunter’s Moon. Noticing something is off with Simon’s demeanour, as he’s acting aloof, Maia tells him when he’s ready to go back to being the person she agreed to date for him to find her.

A rap on Magnus’s loft door reveals an eager Alec, who locks lips in an instant with Magnus. Taken aback by Alec’s forward behaviour, Alec is quick to explain that he wants to take the next step. Magnus, afraid that having sex with Alec so soon may ruin their relationship, admits that he’s just as vulnerable as Alec leading Alec to take charge. Expressing that he has nothing to worry about because he wants this, Alec and Magnus vanish into what we can only presume is his bedroom.

Few people make flirting look as easy as Jace, and few people seem to get interrupted as often in one episode as Jace. Told by Luke that Clary is in trouble Jace’s bad boy bravado falls away as worry takes over sending the pair hurrying out of the Hunter’s Moon.

Heading down a darkened alleyway Cleophas and Clary talk, only for Clary to hear that same piercing sound once more. Clary, believing the sound is being caused by Valentine, lashes out at Cleophas who has no idea what is going on. Concerned for her well being, Cleophas implores her to activate her hearing rune and is devastated to learn that what Clary is hearing is an angel likely being held prisoner by Valentine. 

Down a hall, Valentine drags the weeping angel.

Shadowhunters How Are Thou Fallen

Regardless of her awareness that Clary may not believe her, Cleophas tells her that not even the Iron Sister’s have heard angel’s cry and that she must be blessed. Clary is done with Cleophas’s lies. In admitting that she was in league with Valentine and that she did strike Magdalena down, Cleophas realises that she cannot work with someone who would hurt an angel. Pointing out that a storm is coming, Cleophas convinces Clary that they must free the angel so as to prevent Valentine from using the soul sword. At the edge of the alleyway Luke’s car screeches to a halt. Jace and Luke jump out into the empty street blocking Cleophas and Clary’s path. Gun pointed at Cleophas, tells Clary to move but she won’t.

As lightning strikes, Isabelle sneaks into a back alleyway where she is confronted by a group of vampires. Wondering what she’s up to Isabelle tells them that there’s something she needs.

Seated within the Jade Wolf, Maia reads a copy of Jane Eyre as Simon tosses himself into the seat opposite her. In between them he slides his collection of Blade Runner and apologises for his terrible behaviour. Maia, however, already knows the cause, as she overheard everything that Simon & Jace said; And although she is hurt, tells him that rather than trying to date her so to convince himself he doesn’t love Clary that he should just tell Clary how he feels.

Across the river, in Valentine’s current keep, Cleophas meets up with Valentine only for Valentine to learn there’s a surprise in store for him. Flanked by Luke things escalate as Valentine throws salt in old wounds and ends up holding Cleophas hostage with a blade to her throat. Accusations abound as Valentine tries to weave a web of lies that Luke is quick to set straight where Jocelyn and the Circle are concerned. Unwilling to hear more Valentine, dodging one of Luke’s bullets makes off with Cleophas.

Shadowhunters How Are Thou Fallen

Meanwhile, Jace and Clary sneak up the staircase headed for the rooftop. Thrust into a fight to free the angel who is being guarded by four of Valentine’s men, Clary and Jace team up. With all four defeated, Clary and Jace attempt to free the angel but his chains will not break. Hearing another of the angel’s cries, Clary is told of another rune which removes the angel’s bonds. Finally free, the angel holds out his hands and shows the siblings a vision of a demon that can destroy the sword. Uncertain what it means Clary asks but the angel, in a burst of light, vanishes into the sky.

So, what did you think of episode 7 ‘How Are Thou Fallen?’ Feel free to leave us a comment below and don’t forget to check out the promo trailer for episode 8.

The Good
  • Malec scenes.
  • Jace & Simon bonding.
  • Maia and Simon's heart to heart about relationships.
  • Clary & Jace fight sequence.
  • Izzy being there for Alec.
  • Magnus's Jem name drop.
The Bad
  • The animation could have been sharper during Clary & Jace's vision.
4.5 Superb

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