We Review the Latest Episode of Schitt’s Creek SN03 EP13 – “Grad Night”

****Contains Spoilers******

Schitt’s Creek season finale was a good one!  Alexis (Annie Murphy) finally graduates high school.  The hotel is all booked up for the first time in it’s history.  David (Dan Levy) and Patrick (Noah Reid) kiss!  OMG that one is huge!  The only thing more impressive is that after 3 seasons the Rose’s are finally becoming real, true, genuine people…I know this is hard to believe (especially if you are still in season’s 1 or 2).

Alexis finally finishes high school but that’s not all that transpires for her in this episode.  She finds a stack of resumes, resumes of very qualified people who want to be working for with animals at the vet clinic with Ted (Dustin Milligan).  Realizing she was standing in the way of someone else’s perfect job and real help in the clinic for Ted Alexis decides to quit as Ted’s receptionist.  Alexis has never done a selfless thing before so this is a huge moment for our socialite.  It may also be the start of something real between her and Ted.

Moira (Catherine O’Hara) and the Jazz-a-gals make a special appearance at the graduation.  This still sounds selfish as it’s Moira getting to preform on a stage but she does it to be there for Alexis.  You can actually see the pride in her eyes as she was watching Alexis prepare for the ceremony.  Sure Alexis had told them all not to come and Moira had already committed herself elsewhere with the Jazz-a-gals but this was actually a very touching moment when they took the stage.  A huge moment for Moira’s character who is by far the most out of touch with reality of them all.

Johnny and Stevie (Emily Hampshire) celebrate a full house for the first time in the hotels history!  This is more Johnny’s victory as Stevie could really careless about the hotel, she just got stuck with it in her aunt’s inheritance.  Hell until her aunt died she never even realized her family owned the hotel.  We also learn the Schitt’s have a little freak in them as Roland (Chris Elliot) checks into the hotel under an alias, Damian Steel.  Apparently pretending to be other people in a hotel room is how he and Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson) celebrate every grad night..if you get my drift.  Wink-Wink.

Now what we have all been waiting for David and Patrick kiss!  Learning it was David’s birthday Patrick invites him to dinner.  David somehow mistakes this as just dinner and invites Stevie along who realizes instantly she walked in on a date-date!  David still somehow doesn’t see it until he opens his gift.  Patrick framed the receipt from their first sale, then David give Patrick his first kiss!  Ok not Patrick’s first kiss ever but his first kiss with a man!  YES!  OMG!  How perfect is that?  No wonder none of us could figure out exactly what was up with Patrick…Patrick wasn’t really sure what was up with Patrick!  Happy birthday David!

It took three season’s but our favorite new-to-broke family is actually starting to resemble a family and Rose’s seem to be growing as people!  It’s been a long and hilarious transformation for them and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us with season four. maybe they will finally bring Mutt (Tim Rozon) back next season?


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