We Review the Latest Episode of Samurai Jack SN05 EP02-‘XCIII’

Samurai Jack is now an immortal samurai due to the power of Aku (Greg Baldwin), and all he wants is to go back to the past. In this episode, we get the first true appearance of the great Aku and even get to see his morning routine. A group of mud men come to see him, and he is upset that they are muddying up his house. His scientists come in with a new Beetle to take down Jack (Phil LaMarr), but Aku doesn’t seem to care anymore. This certainly is a change as Aku really has been dying to end Jack for so long.

It turns out that Aku is going to therapy for his obsession with Jack. In this saddened state I actually feel for this villain, though it won’t last long certainly. Meanwhile, a wolf walks through a beautiful forest. It really is superbly animated, just solid animation. Jack is also travelling but in a colder locale and seems to be travelling as the wolf does. Both beset upon by foes, these two fight back. Jack quickly disposes of Aku’s new beetle in a flash.

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Though his true fight is just getting started as the Daughters of Aku come and make quick work of his weapons. The wolf fighting three tigers seems to be doing well. Jack, however, is not doing well, and it is crazy that he is doing so poorly. As he is trapped, his samurai self comes to him and tries to talk him into finding his sword. It is great seeing the original Jack talking to his new self, as it shows how much he has changed. Jack finally sees the Daughters and is shocked by their appearance.

As Jack runs into a temple, the Daughters follow, but only one is able to find any trace of him. Jack soon finds himself surrounded by the Daughters as they attack him from all sides, hidden in darkness. He hides away with nothing but a firefly for light, and his hiding spot is uncovered. Jack’s weapons are constantly destroyed as he fights off the 7 Daughters. He head-butts one of the Daughters and slices her throat not realising she is human as he mask falls off. As she had stabbed him, he falls into the water below but not before destroying the palace. The wolf fighting the tigers is in just as bad a shape.

Jack’s whole idea about only fighting robotic minions has been shaken. He has killed a living woman, and now really has to get away. Will, Jack get away with his life, or will he meet his end at the hands of these wicked Daughters? Now that he isn’t fighting robots, maybe Jack’s hope will be reignited, it certainly has taken a lot to wear him down so much, but this glimmer might be enough. All in all this episode was amazing, and Jack really had to work for the first time against a stronger foe. I really hope, Jack has what it takes!

You can watch the trailer for next week’s episode XCIV below and steel yourself for more Samurai Jack goodness.

The Good
  • Jack faced a foe stronger than anything he has faced before. He barely got away with his life and realized that he wasn't only facing robots. It really is time for Jack to return to his true power and eliminate this group once and for all. Seeing old school Jack was a treat.
The Bad
  • Jack still doesn't have his trademark sword!
5 Essential

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