We Review the Latest Episode of Regular Show: In Space SN08 EP27 – ‘Meet the Seer’

After losing Earl to Anti Pops it is time to find the Seer.The gang are on the way to find the Seer. This planet is basically formerly known as Planet Nielsen as an evil being named Streaming has appeared.

The planet is filled with old technology that isn’t fond of the new world.They show off a video showing how Nielsen used to work. Streaming doesn’t care about Nielsen as it always knows when people are watching shows.

It is time for them to find the Seer. Dr.Microwave sacrifices himself as the gang run to find the Seer.

HD DVD and Blu-ray appear to talk to the gang. They help them find the Seer. They find the Seer (played by Yvette Nicole Brown) who knows all and who has literally has seen all the episodes of the show. The Regular Show Universe is going to end which equates to the show itself ending. Such a meta joke that is totally in line with all of  Regular Show.

The Seer wishes it didn’t have to end but it does. She tells Eileen that she wishes she had a bigger part. It is true that Eileen didn’t really have the biggest part but she has certainly become more important throughout her time on the show.

Streaming kills Reel-to-reel and then Black and White TV. While he buffers they run away. The old mediums may be dead but the idea that buffering halts Streaming is hilarious. The Seer, HD DVD and Blu-Ray are all taken out in a massive explosion. Though with her power, the Seer may not actually be dead.

It looks like the finale will take place on Pop’s home planet Lolliland. Really excited to see  the final episode which will all be out on the same day. Pops is going to take down Anti Pops for sure. It looks like he might do something different though to take him down and I am curious what he will do. Maybe he will be able to do things as he wishes and won’t be forced to use violence.

I loved this episode because it was so meta. It really is true that this world is all streaming all the time now. It is only natural that old mediums will go, even though old mediums might make things easier. It is interesting thinking that the world’s use of streaming could be creating some evil being out in space.



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