We Review the Latest Episode of Regular Show: In Space SN08 EP26- ‘Kill ‘Em with Kindness’


Pop’s training is done and Mordecai and Rigby don’t believe it. His sensei tells them to attack and Pop deftly sends them away.Pop’s powers are so impressive as he has always been so weird. The sensei tells them they need to find the Seer so they can take down Anti Pops. Everyone wants Pops to fight but of course Pops doesn’t want to.

He focuses so he can call Anti Pops which is definitely a bad idea. Though it is pretty interesting that he has the idea to contact Anti Pops like this. Would not have thought he would be that brave. Pops tries to become friends but Anti Pops won’t have it. Seeing that he could destroy Pops if they meet he sets up a plan to meet.

It is nice that Pops wants to befriend Anti Pops but it doesn’t make sense. Mordecai and Rigby try to talk to Pops out of seeing his evil brother. He accepts but the next morning he has taken the cake to his brother. Rigby is certainly troubled as he always enjoys free cake.

Pops gives him the cake and Anti Pops knocks it out of his hands. Pops wants to hug him but of course that isn’t happening.

Anti Pops destroys an arcade game and Pops heals one. Soon the area is blank as they scuffle. Pops soon realizes violence might be the only way to take down Anti Pops. There is a massive fight where Pops and Anti Pops show off their skill. Even with all the training I think he is really going to need that Seer.

As he is cornered the gang come to help him. We then see through Pop’s eyes as Anti Pops kills Sensei Earl.This is such a solid part of the episode as we hardly ever get to see through the character’s eyes. I bet Pops is devastated that he lost his Sensei as he does truly think that everyone close to him is a friend.

It is off to Planet Nielsen to find the Seer. What will this character look like? What will she do? Good thing this is basically a two parter as we get to find out right now! I honestly thought that this episode was really good. It finally killed off the Sensei and clearly the show is heading towards its final climax. I think that Earl’s death is certainly a catalyst for Pops to really get ready to take down Anti Pops. I am really excited to see it happen now!

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