We Review the Latest Episode of Man Seeking Woman SN03 EP02 – ‘Ranch’


Josh and his girlfriend are out shopping for dinner when Lucy thinks someone is following them. As they run they soon can’t continue and they find out, it is Josh’s stepfather. He tells them that his mother wants to see them and meet Lucy. He suddenly kicks him and hurts him repeatedly even after he says yes. Gotta love the way this show does things as even if his Step Dad didn’t physically hurt him, he might feel pain via guilt.

Josh takes Lucy to see his sister Liz as she has been studying their parents for a long time. They have a lot of weird customs such as hanging towels just for show. They get there, and despite a little trouble, it looks like things are going well. Lucy does so well she is allowed to view the hallowed family photo album. This would certainly be something only to be shown to people who pass the test. Josh and Lucy are excited they did well, and Josh thinks they won’t have to see his parents until spring. His mother suddenly appears and invites them over the next day. After they say they have plans, she insists she will join them in the city. Josh might be farther than he has ever been but there will always be hiccups.

Josh’s mother soon loses her mind when they tell her they need space. She tells Josh she is their biggest fan and cuts some of her hair off. She sends many letters and packages to them that are too much. She even goes to attack the president thinking this will get her back in their good graces. Certainly not the most rational thing to do.She breaks out of jail, and Josh finally tells her the truth. As sad as it is, he did need to say something.

Josh goes to apologise to his mother and finds that she has gotten her heart broken. Tom, his stepfather, has gone all hillbilly and is going to let her watch Blue Bloods before he kills her at Yankee Candle. He apologises and says they will see her once a month plus holidays. Tom accidentally shoots himself and Josh tell’s his mother he hates ranch. I agree with Josh that Ranch is terrible, but that’s probably just how I was raised.

Josh’s parents go to Liz to ask for help about Josh and Lucy’s ways. It is definitely a weird world we live in. To see both sides of this world is great. It is clear that these characters do have similarities, but they are also quite different. Can’t wait to see what happens next, curious to see if Josh and Lucy will take it to the next level. Can’t wait to see what his mother does if he has kids or gets married. Clearly, this episode just goes to show that getting time away from your mom as an adult is hard to do.


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