We Review the Latest Episode of Lucifer SN02 EP13 – ‘A Good Day To Die’

Tonight’s episode is the third instalment of the three-part Lucifer event and the winter finale. It continues from last week’s episode as they race to find the antidote. Will they find it in time? If you missed last week’s recap, you would find it here: Lucifer SN02 EP13 – ‘Love Handles’ (Recap)

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Lucifer SN02 EP13 – ‘A Good Day To Die’

We last saw Chloe Decker (Lauren German) in her the bathroom, with a bleeding nose, unsure of how it could have happened until she remembered that she and Professor Carlisle (Tim DeKay) had struggled before he committed suicide and sure enough Chloe was injected during the fight. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and the detective meet Ella (Aimee Garcia) at the police station she tells them the antidote was destroyed, but they get a lead on a rich kid, Burt (Joe Williamson) who helped Carlisle. He gives them another name Dave Maddox, but Chloe’s nosebleed is not the only symptom, as they leave Chloe faints, and against Chloe’s wishes, Lucifer checks her into the hospital. Lucifer and Dan (Kevin Alejandrotake over the case and head to Maddox’s art gallery, which is clearly a front when you see the art, Dan punches Maddox and lands them in handcuffs. Dan gets a beating until Lucifer gets out of the cuffs and takes care of business, Lucifer asks Maddox what he actually desires, he wants people to buy his art because they like it, not because they fear him.

Chloe, Dan & Trixie

The pair manages to get the list of antidote ingredients. However Maddox doesn’t have the formula, only the Carlisle had the formula. Lucifer has an idea on how to get the formula and save Chloe. He will go back to hell to get the formula from Carlisle, and the kicker is that Lucifer just needs to die. Lucifer, Maze (Lesley-Anne Brandt), Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), Charlotte (Tricia Helfer), and Dr Linda (Rachael Harris) have a meeting, and he shares his plan to die and come back. Amenadiel’s pissed that Dr Linda knows who they are. Charlotte refuses to go along with the plan of sending her son back to hell and leaves. Lucifer tasks Dr Linda with bringing him back from the dead while Maze and Amenadiel volunteer to kill him. Lucifer meets Dan at the hospital and tasks him with getting the ingredients because he has a plan to get the formula. Lucifer looks in on Chloe as she sleeps with Trixie (Scarlett Estevez). Lucifer has to be in the room directing below Chloe for him to be vulnerable and for his plan to work.

Lucifer & Amenadiel

Dan and Ella have all the ingredients all bar one, which is highly illegal but she knows where they might find some. Maze, Dr Linda and Lucifer run through the plan, but when it comes to the crunch neither Maze or Dr Linda could go through with it leaving Lucifer to have to kill himself and just like that Lucifer is home. Trixie and Amenadiel have a chat, and he comforts her, telling her there are a lot of good people trying to help her mum. Lucifer finally finds the door he needs to enter, and it took him to when the Carlisle left the overturned car and the passenger to die, It is his own personal hell. Carlise gives Lucifer the formula thinking his guilt would disappear, but it didn’t and as Lucifer leaves he shows Carlisle his true self. Lucifer can’t resist and enters another room, and find Uriel (Michael Imperioli), and Lucifer had now entered his own personal hell. Dr Linda struggles to bring Lucifer back.

Maze, Dr Linda & Lucifer

Dan and Ella break into a warehouse looking the final ingredient on the list. Lucifer is stuck in a loop of killing Uriel, but he reminds Lucifer about “the piece is here” a clue he gave Lucifer with his dying breath. Chloe following symptom from the poisons starts with seizure, and Amenidel is true to his word as he doesn’t let anyone move Chloe. Unable to bring Lucifer back, Charlotte decided she will go back to hell to get him, and Maze does the honours. Ella and Dan quickly get busted, but it turns out it is Ella’s wayward brother, he give the pair what they need. Charlotte shows up to help Lucifer escape Hell. She tells him she has been manipulating him from the start and she feels guilty fro what she has done. Lucifer has to save Charlotte from her guilt about Uriel as he drags her in the elevator.

Chloe / Lux

Amenadiel is growing humans left, right and centre, Lucifer and Charlotte comes back to life, Lucifer has the formula. Chloe is going to be ok, but she wants to know if she and Lucifer can get back to being a couple or start being a couple. However, he doesn’t have an answer and leaves. Charlotte asks Lucifer about Chloe, and he tells her that Chloe is a sham, he tells her he won’t be a pawn anymore and leaves. Chloe gets out of hospital and heads to Lux so see Lucifer. He hasn’t been taking her calls and when she arrives Lucifer is nowhere to seen, and all his furniture is covered up. Lucifer is gone.

Lucifer returns to Fox on May 1 at 9/8c

The Good
  • This episode was great with an unexpected ending of the three-part event, and it's always refreshing when you don't really know how it's going to end.
The Bad
  • We have lots of questions but have to wait until May for them to be possibly be answered.
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