We Review the Latest Episode of Lucifer SN02 EP12 – ‘Love Handles’

Well, that was a hot and steamy start to this week’s episode of Lucifer. However, it didn’t take long for the dynamic duo become awkwardly cute. Last night’s episode was part two of the three-part Lucifer event, now before we get down and dirty with Love Handles, here is a quick recap of last weeks episode to refresh the little grey cells.


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Lucifer SN02 EP11 – ‘Stewardess Interruptus’

After Lucifer and Chloe have an interrupted moment, the tension between the two of them makes it difficult to investigate the murder of two victims, who happens to be one of Lucifer’s booty calls. Lucifer seems to be the only connection. Meanwhile, mother dearest Charlotte continues to manipulate Chloe and Lucifer’s impending romance.

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Lucifer SN02 EP12 – ‘Love Handles’

Lucifer and Chloe come out of the Lux elevator and can’t take their hands off each other. They barely make it to the couch before Chloe rips of his shirt. Chloe’s hands caress his body and where his wings used to be. He asks her if she is sure she want’s to do this, Chloe tells him to shut up, and as she goes in to kiss him again, his horns pop up, and Lucifer says, I see you found my ‘love handles‘. Chloe smirks and grabs on, and then wakes up. Maze is sitting by Chloe’s bed with a bag of popcorn. She heard Chloe’s screams, but when she realised what was going on, stayed to watched the show. Maze tells Chloe she needs to throw caution to the wind and get laid, be impulsive for once. As Maze leaves, Chloe whispers “Maybe this time will be different“. Lucifer has a session with Dr Linda and expresses he wants to take this relationship slowly to make sure it works out. Linda accuses him of stalling and believes the reason why Lucifer is stalling, is because of the complicated nature of their relationship. Lucifer and Chloe meet up on the way to the crime scene, he needs to ask her an important question about their relationship, he proceeded to ask what she truly desires, but it still doesn’t work. They arrive at Malibu State where a student has died of poisoning. Ella runs through his symptoms and rough time of death. The pair interview Ricky’s friend who was shocked by his death, He tells them the actor Johnny Kane, had been there the day before doing research for a part. As they are interviewing the friend, Johnny walks in with a knife, saying someone had threatened him. Lucifer and Chloe watch the video of the masked man that threatened Johnny with the option to cut up his face, or someone will die. He believed it was fake until he went to the school and realised that the kid was real. Unable to cut his face, the masked man made good on his threat, and Ricky was poisoned. Lucifer starts to think the masked man is playing Dad (God) and wonders if someone is playing the puppet master and pulling the strings. But he is thinking about Chloe and not the suspect.

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Lucifer asks his mother if she had done something to Chloe, she is thrilled that he and Chloe had kissed and told him to follow his heart. Dan interrupts their conversation with news that they had traced where the email and video come from. They roll out to the library, and Lucifer reckons libraries are dreary and smell like feet. Chloe sees a couple making out and says they can be romantic and asks if he has ever made out in a library. Chloe doesn’t understand why he is avoiding sex. She tries to get him to talk about the kiss, but he won’t bite. They are interrupted by the sound of a woman screaming. They find the guy they are looking for, watching porn. Lucifer gives the kid some hand sanitizer before they ask him to explain the video. His email has been hacked and has an alibi for when the first video was sent. A new e-mail has recently been sent, to the thoracic surgeon, Dr Gwendolyn Scott. She has to choose between destroying her hand or allowing another student, Ashley, to die of poisoning. Chloe and Lucifer arrive at a sorority house party, Chloe lets her hair down, and when she asks how she looks the devil is clearly a little taken aback and says she looks “beautiful“. Dan interviews Dr Scott and stays with her to ensure her safety. A group of sorority girls surround Lucifer, and in exchange for information, they get him to do a beer bong. The girls lead him to where Ashley is but Chloe sees him go upstairs and follows. Lucifer is upstairs smoking pot and talking to the girls about Chloe. When she barges in, they know she is the one he’s speaking about. Ashley is in the bathroom, they go in and find that her nose has started bleeding. Charlotte pays Dr Linda a visit and wants her to break the news she has learned to Lucifer, and let’s slip that Chloe might be involved, however, Dr Linda refuses to get entangled in it. Dan tells Dr Scott that Ashely is in the hospital, but the antidote isn’t working. Distressed, she gets a glass of water, and when Dan hears the garbage disposable, he rushes to the kitchen to witness Dr Scott destroy her hand.

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Chloe and Lucifer send the killer a picture of Dr Scott but don’t expect a response. A delivery man arrives with a package for Dr Scott, and it’s the antidote. Ella has been able to connect the poison, to what looks to be the first victim. Only he died across the country. The poison was designed so that it can be modified for each victim, which makes it impossible to create antidotes in time. Dan recognises the first casualty as Andy who he had interviewed about the now deceased stewardess. The only thing Ashely and Ricky had in common was they both got flu shots, they traced the shots back to Dr Jason Carlisle, who is known for being in an accident, but instead of saving the driver he saved his dissertation. He is now recreating his own moral dilemma. Chloe sends him an email insulting him hoping to provoke him into responding. Carlisle replies immediately with a link to a video chat. They call him out on his crimes, but he says it has only proved his hypothesis. The Dr shows them another experiment. Behind him are two college students tied up. One has the chance to save the other if he cuts off his leg. Charlotte meets up with Maze at a bar and tries to talk Maze into talking to Lucifer, but Maze tells her to do her own dirty work, but before she leaves, Charlotte tells her that Chloe is a miracle. 35 years ago Amenadiel blessed Chloe’s parents, and that’s why she is immune to Lucifer. Ella found proof that the Dr Carlisle, murdered Andy and they track him down to a rival school, Pasadena. When Lucifer and Chloe arrive, Carlisle has a challenge for Chloe, she can have the antidote for Benji, but she has to navigate through the poison gas to get it. Lucifer instead tells her to chase Carlisle, and he will deal with the gas. Chloe catches up with Carlisle. He pulls out a knife and says he didn’t have a choice then and he doesn’t have a choice now and slits his own throat. Chloe races back to find the boys are safe, Lucifer come out, and Chloe jumps into his arms, and right at the moment, Lucifer realises that this, in fact, is all real. Lucifer meets Maze and Charlotte at a bar where he learns that Dad (God) had placed Chloe in his path, he starts to piece it all together and realises it true. He rushes to Chloe’s house, he finds her upstairs in the bathroom, he asked her if she knew, she turns around, and her nose is bleeding, and it won’t stop, Chloe has been poisoned.


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The Good
  • The awkward but very cute banter between Chloe and Lucifer though out the episode. This week's case was twisted, and entertaining take on the morals. This episode also had one of my favourite lines Charlotte: "Detective." Dan: "Counselor." Lucifer: "Douche." Dan: "Dick."
The Bad
  • We have to wait a whole week to find out what happens.
4.5 Superb

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