We Review the Latest Episode of Lucifer SN02 EP11 – ‘Stewardess Interruptus’



The handsome devil is back on our screen’s after a short break and what an episode to boot lucifans! This week’s episode begins exactly where it left off. But first here is a quick recap of episode 10 to refresh our memory.


Lucifer SN02 EP10 – ‘Quid Pro Ho’

Charlotte is determined to get Lucifer to leave Earth by turning Chole against him. Amenadiel has begun working as Charlotte’s soldier, which makes Maze question his loyalty.


Lucifer & Chloe

Lucifer SN02 EP11 – ‘Stewardess Interruptus’

Lucifer Morningstar and Detective Chole Decker finally looks like they are about to share a long-awaited kiss, they are holding hands and Lucifer apologise for forgetting the ketchup, and just when the pair lean in to kiss, they’re interrupted by the elevator, and a stewardess named Jana, who struts in and starts undressing. Chloe is confused and visibly upset as she makes her escape, Lucifer tries to apologise for everything. Lucifer insists he wants her to stay, but she tells Lucifer, that Jana has probably kept her from making a huge mistake. Lucifer says to Jana that this fight is grounded much to her disgust. Chole is cooking Trixie breakfast when she asks if she and Lucifer had a date with flowers and “naked stuff” Chloe dismisses it quickly and is saved by Maze coming to show her the headline that says Chole’s father’s killer has been found dead. Maze can’t understand why Chloe isn’t overjoyed at the news. Chloe says she wanted him to rot in jail for what he had done, and that the person who killed him is no better than the killer himself. Maze is pissed and furiously pours vodka onto her cereal and seething over the hard works she had put into exacting revenge for her roommate. Charlotte finds Lucifer sulking about the events that just happened, and he tells her that he doesn’t want hot women showing up anymore without an invitation. Charlotte admits she was wrong about Chloe, and that she tried to turn Chloe against him, but she now understands what he sees in the detective. Lucifer says he had destroyed everything by himself, thanks to a case of stewardess interruptus. Charlotte tells Lucifer it is time to prove himself to Chloe. Lucifer tries to explain to the detective, but she is not interested, he tells her that they had a moment together and he will never look at another flight attendant again.


Maze, Trixie & Chloe


As the pair headed to the latest crime scene, they find it’s Jana, the flight attendant who had ruined Lucifer and Chloe’s moment the night before. Chole looks at the evidence and believes it doesn’t seem to fit a mugging. Chloe tells Lucifer she is sorry his friend was killed, he said they hardly knew each other, and she was a booty call when she was in LA. Lucifer says he went to the bar after Jana left. Chloe believes him, but she needs to establish a timeline of her death. An officer finds Jana’s phone, and someone is threatening her. Dan tracks the number, and it traces back to a guy in Silicon Valley. He returns to find Maze at his desk, and she gloats about the killer’s death that has made headlines. She is there to collect her check and wants to celebrate with Dan. He says they can’t be seen together until it all blows over, and this makes Maze one unhappy camper. Chloe arrives at a pool party to find the guy who had been threatening Jana. She eventually finds Andy sunning himself, and he thinks it a joke at first, but he has an alibi he was shagging all night. They get a message that there has been another murder similar to Jana’s. The victim had been in the shower when he died, and Chloe can’t see the connection until Lucifer admits he as slept with poor Raj. Chloe believes his exes are the problem, including the biggest problem of all Charlotte. Lucifer tells her he has never slept with Charlotte. It’s time they talk to everyone Lucifer slept within the past eight weeks. Chloe has the task of interviewing all of the women, while Dan and Lucifer marvel at Lucifer’s libido. Every single woman and a few guys all said Lucifer was fantastic in bed, but when Chloe asked if Lucifer did anything special for them, like bringing them food, but it seems that Lucifer only does that for Chloe.


Maze & Dr Linda


They all say it was all about the sex and ultimately meaningless. Dan sees Lucifer is hurt by what he had heard and tells him that it means he has no motive. Charlotte is the last one to show up, and both Lucifer and Dan are shocked to see her. She is there to confront Chloe and to tell her that she indeed was worthy of Lucifer. Charlotte tells Chloe that Lucifer is different when he’s around her. Maze has a session with her best friend Dr Linda and wants to know if she ever gets upset when she does something for other people, but they don’t notice. Linda says she need to believe in her self-worth and her awesomeness. Chloe finds that all the women describe a woman who gave them a death stare at Lucifer’s club Lux. The woman’s name is Sookie. When they enter her apartment, they find hundreds of photo of Lucifer with the women and men he has been with, and they also find voodoo dolls that resemble Lucifer and Chloe makes an appearance on the wall too. A young lady walks out She has never slept with Lucifer, but she thinks he is the perfect man, she doesn’t know anything about the murders, but she does have all of his lovers categorised. It turns out Jana and Raj knew each other. The head over to talk to a pilot that is in one of the photos. Charlotte tries to convince Amenadiel that she is trying to fix everything. The pilot Tim has a record for drugs and assult. Lucifer and Chloe catch up to the plane on the tarmac, stopping it from taking off. He believes a man named Burt is behind the smuggling, and on the last trip, a package went missing. They decide to lure Burt using a hot flight attendant, and who better to do the job then Maze, she agrees to do it because she is awesome.


Stewardess Maze


Amenadiel pays Lucifer a visit, her asks his brother if he is boyfriend material. Amendiel tells Lucifer and says he should ask himself if he is worthy for Chloe. Maze and Dan are in the bar for the sting, and she says he should own up to sleeping with Charlotte, and Chloe heard it all. Burt finds Maze, and they head to the hotel room, Maze attacks him and says Burt sent him. Outside Lucifer has a gun held to his head, and Burt want’s his package, and he thinks Jana dropped it off with him. Lucifer shows Burt his real face and he is taken into custody. Andy strumbled towards the plane when a man in dark clothing approached him, and Andy says he thought it was drugs, but it was a bunch of viles and one of them broke, and now he is sick. Lucifer is on the beach when he and Chloe finally have their moment and the long-awaited kiss.

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The Good
  • This week we finally get to witness the long awaited kiss we have wanted Lucifer and Chloe to have from the first season. Maze is always awesome, but this week she had so much more spunk!
The Bad
  • For me this week there was really no cons, how ever if we hadn't of see the kiss at the end of the episode it would of made the con box for sure.
4.5 Superb

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